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Helping you to be Simply Healthy. Simply Beautiful.

If you are looking for an honest, healthy mineral makeup brand, with effective, simple to use beauty products and you would like to work with a small brand who really cares, you have found a home in Simple Beauty Minerals.

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the beauty choices out there? Would you love to find a company that you felt had your back (or your beautiful face) when it came to your beauty needs? Would it be a relief to find a company, or better yet, a real person who you could trust to help you choose healthy products that actually worked? You’re not alone!

“I absolutely LOVE your makeup! I have used mineral makeup for over 12 years and have tried just about every brand available. I will never try another…I am simply in love! The quality, the price, the quick shipping…” Tracy

“The way Lisa helped me find the shades that looked right on me was such a breath of fresh air especially since I have been looking for a long time for products like yours and was a little weary from the search.” Jessica M.

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Hello. Lisa here. And I take it personally. 

I own Simple Beauty Minerals; an honest, down-to-earth, beauty brand offering handcrafted soothing mineral makeup, a mostly (because we do the best we can) organic line of nourishing skincare and a few girly bits of bling.

An honest healthy mineral makeup brand

I have been in the cosmetic industry, in some capacity, for 30+ years; mostly as a makeup artist and product educator/trainer with companies such as Clinique, Estee Lauder, and Aveda – in the San Francisco and Los Angeles, Ca. areas.

From the moment I stepped behind that Clinique counter at the age of 17, I fell in love with the industry and it’s potential to help women feel confident and authentically beautiful.

In my 30’s, working for Aveda, I found a way to bridge my two loves, beauty and healthy living.

With out a doubt, what we put on our bodies is just as important as we put into our bodies.

What I promise is that Simple Beauty Minerals will strive to give you honest, one-on-one, personal service and care in your makeup and skincare shopping experience, as we want a personal relationship with our customers. We partner with local female hand-crafters who create our products and formulas with love and integrity.

If this sounds promising to you, stick around.

If you are looking for high fashion cosmetics, runway trends and celeb beauty, this is not the place.

Honest Marketing

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“I really love your stance on featuring “real” women on your site and for your marketing materials. Your ingredients, purpose and approach all dance beautifully with the virtue of honesty. I loved your products long ago when I first sent away for my sample kit, and now after learning the heart behind the brand (yours), I love Simple Beauty Minerals even more.” Candice

In fact, you may notice that the pages of SBM are not graced with flawless looking young women.

You will not see models featured on our site that are not wearing our makeup.

At some point, (we’re working on it currently) we will have beautiful women of all ages and ethnicities showing off our makeup.

Honest marketing is important to me. (Look here for more on honest marketing and our models.)

What you will find here is honest, down to earth information on healthy, simple beauty for all ages.

For more information on our shipping and business policies, look here. (How does FREE shipping on orders over $50.00, and a mere 5.00 shipping fee for orders under $50.00. Sound good?)

Oh, you wanna know a bit of the personal stuff about me? OK, here’s the scoop. I am a homeschool mama of (now one at home) two great kids (my oldest a sophomore at NYU). We have two funny cats & the sweetest pit bull named Violet. We also have bees, who all have the name of Fred. I love to mess around in the kitchen; my latest fun is fermenting foods. I love to dance. To sing. Love yoga. I can sew and knit a bit. My daughter is better at sewing than me. She is 17 and has her own Instagram Makeup Account. My 21 year old son is studying film production at NYU, and has his own photography business. My way cool husband helps in the tech & photography department. He works in minerals too – Green Landscaping Pervious Concrete. I feel most at home in a sunny garden with a small shovel and a cup of hot jasmine green tea, or a cozy chair, a good book and a cat in my lap.

What else do you want to know? Just ask. I will answer.

Lisa and Kasey, your Simple Beauty Minerals mother-daughter team.

Lisa and Kasey, your Simple Beauty Minerals mother-daughter team.

May I suggest something?

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All you need, all in one place.

What do you think? Are You A Simple Beauty Minerals gal?

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to feel confident that you are using safe, eco-friendly products,
  • You want a company that markets honestly, including only sharing photos of real women, not photo shopped no-one-could-ever-look-that-perfect images.
  • You like to support individuals as opposed to large corporations.
  • You like personal one-on-one attention from real people you can count on.
  • You like the option to ‘try before you buy”  when it comes to makeup and other health and beauty items.
  • You want a company that stands behind it’s offerings. Everything at Simple Beauty Minerals is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 
  • You want to support a company that gives back to the community. 10% of Simple Beauty Minerals profits are donated to various organizations of need.  Because my family has fallen in love with Pit Bulls, thanks to our girl Violet, Simple Beauty Minerals is giving to a local San Francisco Bay Area charity, Bad Rap, an organization which not only helps good dogs find good forever homes, they also work to educate the public on what a good dog actually is. KUDOs to BAD RAP.creaseproof eye makeup

Simple IS Beautiful!

And, so are YOU.

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