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The first step in makeup is actually not makeup at all, it is your skin care routine.

In fact, most skin issues can be taken care of with a healthy skin care regimen, followed twice daily. So, before we even begin talking foundation shade or application technique, let’s get your skin in it’s best shape ever.

The Basics of Your Skin Care Routine

Mineral makeup stays on so well, you may wonder how to remove it at night. It is super easy to remove gentle mineral makeup at the end of the day, if you follow this technique.

Don’t skip the simple step that will boost your skin’s health.

The skin on our lips needs loving care, less they become dry and bothersome.

Get a deep cleanse to allow your anti-aging products to penetrate more thoroughly and work harder for you. This is one product I could not / would not go with out.

As you sleep, it can improve the appearance of your skin, and you will look gorgeous as you hit the pillow! Here is how to use it.

Getting Better Skin Every Year

Boswelic acid (aka Frankincense Oil) works at a cellular level to assist with inflammation, decrease blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles, scaring, acne and sun damage.

Healthy Skin Tips

In addition to religiously following the right skin care system for your skin, hydration is crucial. But don’t stop there – add elements to your water to keep it interesting and highly beneficial to your skin.

Personal skin care tips for you, from LaVerne, a women with fabulous skin into her eighties (and my mama).

An easy way to help prevent your skin’s pre-mature and un-necessary skin wrinkling.

No regrets when the years take their toll on your skin.

What are your safest sunscreen ingredients?

A mult-tasking, long lasting, stable oil good for all skin types.

Olive oil is an ancient nutritional powerhouse that can regenerate cells and and soften skin tissue, both inside and out.


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