Holiday Collection – Pumpkin Pie Spice

  The Pumpkin Pie Spice Mineral Eyeshadow Stacker is back! (Cue cheers and applause…!) And what a wonderful thing that is! Our limited edition Holiday stackers are a customer favorite for a reason. Heck, they are also one of our favorites for a reason! One Sleek Little Stacker This is

Holiday Gloss And Glow Kits

We are officially well on our way into November and by the chill in the air, the autumnal leaves beginning to grace the ground, and the smell of baking spice in our kitchens we are also officially well on our way into the holiday season! This is my favorite time

Wake Up! And Put On Your Sunscreen

You want to wear sunscreen every day, all year long. Pop Quiz: What one product works immediately upon application, and continues to keep your face looking healthy, wrinkle-free, and youthful for years to come? Sunscreen! I mention it every chance I get – on webinars, on your consults, in many

Cold Weather Skincare Tips

The Change of Season brings change to our skin, and your skincare ritual needs to change along with it. As the colder months begin approaching, it’s important to stay current on your skincare regimens and switch things up a little to keep up with the cooler weather. Say no to

It’s Not Too Early For Eye Cream

When should you start using eye creme? Right NOW! Real talk: I am not the best with keeping a consistent skincare routine. In My 20’s & Taking Good Skin For Granted Apart from sunscreen, a lot of times I don’t even hit all of the “basics”– and I’ve always had

Wear Your Antioxidants

The Best Pro-Aging Antioxidants For Your Skin I hesitate to use the term ‘anti-aging’ because I would prefer we take a more positive spin to aging. Pro-Aging. After all, we all age.  The trick is being proactive so that we can age fabulously, dahling. Do topical antioxidants really work? Your


All About Color Correcting

What is color correcting? We have something that really is crazy cool for you today– have you ever heard of “color correcting concealers“? I remember the first time I found out about these when I was in high school, I was completely fascinated. I spent hours watching youtube tutorials trying

Game Changing Antioxidant Liquid Foundation

Imagine a beautifully formulated, antioxidant-rich liquid mineral foundation that works perfectly with or without your loose mineral foundation. It’s true, our brand new Antioxidant Liquid Foundation is about to rock your mineral foundation world. This is our first ever liquid formula, and let me just say– it is absolutely everything we

Foundation Shade Finder – Find Your Best Match

It’s all about keeping things simple here – and our Foundation Shade Finder helps you do just that. Not only is our Foundation Shade Finder a fabulous tool to help you figure out where to start with all of our 33+ foundation shades and 4 formulas, to find your perfect match,

Which Brush Is The Perfect Match For Your Foundation?

Match Up Your Foundation With The Best Foundation Brush, easy as 1, 2, 3. Chances are, by now you’ve heard of our positively fabulous, 100% vegan (and cruelty-free!), butter soft brushes– but you may not know which one is right for you when it comes to applying foundation. We get