10 Tips For Great Skin & Great Health

October 23, 2018 3 min read

10 Tips For Great Skin & Great Health


LaVerne and Darby, circa 1970

So You Think You Are Too Young For Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips?

Yeah. You. Not anywhere near 50? Well, I suggest you pay attention. Because time has a way of flitting by. Like that. (imagine snapped fingers) And when you are 50, you will have wished you had payed better attention. So, I am going to give you the wisdom of experience. Mine. Oh, and LaVerne's.

I am happy to report that I have aged well, and I thank my mom for it. Not only for her genes, but her wisdom. For example, she told me not to go join my friends when they were basking in the sun with baby oil slathered on their bodies. (C'mom now, show your age, give me a show of hands if you remember that trend!) I did still join my friends, but I wore sunscreen; by the way, we did not have the vitamin D issue we do today, and that one is for another post on another day. She told me a few other things as well. Some I listened to; some I did not. Hey, I was a teenager after all.

However, the advice about skin, I did pay attention to. Because my mom's skin was gorgeous. To the day she died, at the young age of 83, she was absolutely stunning. Slightly nutty too, (yet again, a post for another day). However, her skin was radiant. The other residents in her lovely senior home used to say "Oh, that LaVerne, she just adds class to the joint." So, here are few tips from myself, and my mom, LaVerne.

Lisa and LaVerne's Great Skin Care Tips

  1. Every morning, enjoy a cup of hot water with half a fresh lemon squeezed in. Great for your liver (which translates to great for your skin).
  2. Get up and move! Your body. Every day. Great for your circulation, and...you guessed it - great skin.
  3. LaVerne said: Avoid unnecessary sun bathing without sun protection. Thanks, Mom. Check here for tips on how to keep safe under the sun.
  4. Remove your makeup and wash your face every night even if you are dead tired. That one is from LaVerne. I couldn't agree more.
  5. Slather as rich a healthy cream as you can tolerate on your face twice daily. I can still see mom in the bathroom with a shiny face from all those lubricants.
  6. Avoid cigarette and cigarette smoke like the plague. No exaggeration. Mom and I never smoked a day in our lives. It is not too late to quit.
Phew! I'm So Grateful I did These Things For My Skin And, Oh, How I Wish I Did More of These
  1. Cared for my neck area better; used more protective cremes and exfoliated that area more regularly. Look here for more tips on how to do just this.
  2. Paid more attention to the skin on my hands
  3. Started yoga earlier in life
  4. Went barefoot more often earlier in life for the health of my feet and spine

Do you agree? What tips can you share for healthy skin and overall vibrant health? Do share below, or jump over to Facebook and talk it up over there.


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