Behind The Scenes - Beauty Photo Shoot

October 23, 2018

Behind The Scenes - Beauty Photo Shoot

The whirlwind that was this past weekend was our Spring beauty photoshoot for Simple Beauty Minerals, and it was so much fun that we wanted to take you along with us in this week’s blog post!

This is your peek into our “behind-the-scenes”, so you can really see where everything happens, and how themagicis made ;)

First, a quick word on what that “magic” is!

At Simple Beauty Minerals– we don’t just believe in authentic beauty, weknowauthentic beauty. We don’t airbrush our models, or smooth out lines, or refinish the texture of our skin in the pictures we use. We embrace and love our natural, authentic beauty, and we play up the parts we love most, and we are real about the parts we are getting a little extra help with (can I get an “Amen” for Catnap Undereye Concealer?!). Part of the fun in makeup is getting to be an artist and having so many choices with what you want to play with and create on your face each day – and on the days that you want to just be bare-faced, embracing the beauty in that too!


Never Attainable in Your Real Life

But the thing is, you might notice that many (if not most) advertisements and models go the extra mile and use things like airbrushing and skin refinishing that create a look that can never be attainable in your real life no matter what products you buy or makeup looks you try. And that hurts our collective female self esteem.

We areso not about that here at SBM.

Believe me– I am the one who takes and edits the photos, so I know!


We Empower You

We want all of our photos to reflect authentic beauty, and to be something that inspires you to try new looks, new products, or new colors, and to simply have fun with your beauty! We also want you to see how our products truly look, and not just how an airbrushed effect in photoshop makes our products look. Because, well, that’s just no fun. And let me tell you, we areall about fun over at SBM– and we know that when it comes to makeup, you are too ;)

So without further ado– let’s jump into our behind-the-scenes blog post, Spring photoshoot edition!

12:30 PM – I showed up at Lisa’s to do my makeup with Kasey (who gave me my gorgeous eyeshadow makeover for the shoot which I am so in love with!) and we brainstormed some different locations around the back/front yards to get some test shots before our other two models showed up. Lisa Says: We are a small, woman owned indie business, and our photo shoots are 'on-site' in and around my home.  

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We finished doing our makeup with Lisa snapping a couple “getting ready” shots on her iPhone just as our makeup artist, Victoria, was showing up to get all set up and ready for the first model. 2:00 PM– Alison (our first model) arrived just on time to get started with Victoria while Kasey and I were in the backyard taking some sweet shots near the beehive.

 Who says mature beauties can't wear shimmer? Gorgeous![/caption] We ended up wandering out along their street to see if we could find some flowers in the shade to take a couple pictures with, but ended up finding the perfect little garden path set of steps instead!

 We took a few photos here, and then headed back to the house to get a few mother-daughter shots of Lisa and Kasey (in which Kasey and I decided we obviously needed to put some Jasmine blooms in Lisa’s hair).

We also got some pictures showcasing Kasey’s “soft / muted, cool” coloring where Lisa draped fabric swatches on Kasey’s shoulders to frame her face (which essentially ended up like Kasey’s own personal technicolor coat). Then we got a few solo shots of Lisa as well which we took down near the beehive again, and then on those little steps we had scouted out!

 3:00 PM– Makena (our second model) arrived to get her makeup done, and Alison was ready for her close-up– no, really! One of our goals for Alison’s shots was to get a close-up head shot that she could use for her “author shot” since she is in fact, an author!

 We headed back to the neighbor’s little stone steps, and got a few shots there, and then back to the house to get some color-swatch pictures with Alison as well. Lisa says: The color draping photos of Alison show her to be a beautiful light and soft warm (no photos here, that for another post). We grabbed a few goofy/silly pictures with Lisa and Alison, and then Kasey helped me with Alison’s “author shot” by holding a white poster board to block the dappled light and bounce the clean white light back onto her face while Alison sat on the back steps– it looked pretty funny, but it worked out perfectly :)

 4:00 PM– Makena’s makeup look was all finished, so before Alison left we decided to get a few shots with our whole photo-shoot team and I set up the self-timer on my camera (or, I thought I did…) and we took some fun pictures with everyone– and probably a few of the funniest pictures of the day with me giving my camera some serious attitude when it was not taking the right amount of self timer photos when I wanted it to, and then taking way too many when I only wanted it to take a couple– it’s a learning curve(!) and I so rarely self-time pictures that I was just not having it. LOL!

 And, of course, we needed an ice cream break– vegan ice cream break that is!

 Lisa's note: OK, so the wine was not an accompaniment with the ice cream, but we do like our red wine with dinner ;-)[/caption] ~5:00 PM– After the group shots, Kasey and I ran over the the little steps with Makena and we got some gorgeous shots of both of them together as well as singles of Makena– the lighting was perfect now, as we were beginning to enter into 'golden hour' for photos. 

 Violet came to join us, and we grabbed a few shots of her sweet doggy snuggles too! (Because how could we not?!)

 5:30PM– We headed back to the house, and ended our shoot with some shots in the Lupine garden out back, and then a few fun shots with me, Kasey, Makena, and Lisa laughing together out front. If you ask me? Perfect end to a perfect shoot.



Abby is a recent UCSB alum and self proclaimed second-generation hippie with a passion for everything DIY, vegan snickerdoodles, and eco-friendly, sustainable living– in that order. She is happily married to all 6 ½ feet of her wonderful husband, and spends her time taking pictures and writing about about her life in tiny notebooks.

Note from Lisa: By the end of the day I was wiped, and incredibly satisfied; time to schedule our fall photo shoot (mother - daughter themed).
Credit to my lovely friends, daughter and helpers:
abby.roe.photoVictoria @mua.victoriastarrKasey @kasey.jeanne
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