Better Than Botox? What Does Frankincense Oil Have To Do With It?

October 23, 2018 3 min read

Better Than Botox? What Does Frankincense Oil Have To Do With It?

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense? Better than botox? I would argue yes!

Frankincense Essential Oil is da bomb!

With it's sweet, warm, balsamic aroma, it has many, many beneficial usages. We will focus on the skin. Because that's just what we do here. It is prized for its medicinal and spiritual qualities. One of the key beneficial compounds within Frankincense is boswelic acid. Boswelic acid works at a cellular level to assist with inflammation, decrease blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles, scaring, acne and sun damage. Did you get that?  Blemishes. Acne. Fine Lines & Wrinkles. Scarring. Sun Damage. 


The How-To of Frankincense Oil

You have options (you know I love options). Apply it directly on your skin or dilute into your favorite face cream. If you apply it directly to your skin, simply place a drop or two on your fingers and pat on your face, neck and throat. (If you can smell it on your hands, you have enough to apply to your skin. Just pat). Seal this in with your Skin Essentials moisturizer to help the oil do its job more thoroughly. Experiment with direct application. Young Living Therapeutic Grade essential oils are very potent, as they are pure and undiluted, and can bring out what ever toxins are lurking in  your system. Though, this is a good thing in general, it can also show up in the form of blemishes. ACK! I find that once, every other day for 'neat' (topical, with out dilution) application is enough for my skin. Your skin may be fine with twice a day, or it may only want once a week. In between, dilute it with your moisturizer, so you are still getting the daily benefits. Look for results in one to two weeks. Hooray! Will Frankincense give you better results than Botox, or any of the latest and greatest dermatological procedures? If you are diligent and consistent with a healthy lifestyle, along side smart additions to your skin care such as using Frankincense, yes, it can have a huge impact. Do outside procedures have a bigger, more immediate result? Yes, but they come with side effects. And cost a ton more.


Cost of Frankincense Oil

At first glance, Frankincense Oil looks hella expensive. $94.00 per bottle. You gotta be kidding me, right? So, let's break it down a bit. There are 125 drops per bottle. If you used it 'neat' twice daily, it would last you about two months. However, odds are, you are not going to use it neat, twice daily. On the other end, if you were to mix it into your skin creme, the cost is lowered dramatically.

Sensitivity Note: Sensitive? Always dilute. If you notice any redness, discontinue using. There are plenty of other skin beneficial essential oils to choose from. Happy to help! You can add Frankincense oil into your very own customized Whipped Olive Oil Creme here.

"Frankincense Oil is your 'better than botox' go-to skin oil." 

Bottom line? Essential Oils are a key component to healthy, vibrant skin.

This information is from Young Living Essential Oils. For more details, read this PDF. Do you have a friend  who would benefit from this skin care information? Go ahead and share this post with her by dropping her an email with the link right in it. You could very well be giving her the gift of brighter, better skin.

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