June 18, 2020 1 min read

Mastering the winged eyeliner is definitely a challenge; even more so for you with hooded eyes. 

Eyeliner of any kind becomes a bit tricky when you can't really see your eyelid.

The solve? Changing up your approach.  

mineral eyeliner colors


For this look we are going to go BOLD with color and create two different eyeliner techniques. 

One for hooded and one for non-hooded eyes. 


mineral makeup eyeliner colors

 You will need:

  • Skin Tape
  • A bold eye shadow or eye liner color such as Blastin Blue Mineral Eyeshadow or Emerald Mineral Eyeliner. 
  • A slanted eyeliner brush or fine eyeliner brush
  • For more detailed information watch the video tutorial below

eyeliner for hooded eyes

Emerald Mineral Eyeliner

To help steady your application, apply skin tape as per video below.  

bold eyeliner for mature eyes

 Blastin Blue Mineral Eyeshadow

bold blue eyeliner mature eyes

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