Covering Up Facial Redness In 3 Easy Steps

October 23, 2018 2 min read

Covering Up Facial Redness In 3 Easy Steps

Red, red, go away; don't come back to play...any day!

Whether you are a sensitive, fair-skinned red head with splotchiness, or have rosacea, acne or even a sunburn, sometimes, no matter what we do to alleviate red tones in our skin, they stubbornly persist. Almost everyone suffers from a bit of facial redness now and again.

What to do?

The color wheel to the rescue. Green is opposite to red on the color wheel, and so, when green is applied to your skin on your red areas, it will almost magically neutralize the nasty red devil! 

In fact, according to the National Rosacea Society, green-tinted bases have the ability to even out skin tones and hide redness exceptionally well.

Simple Beauty Minerals Green Color Correctoris truly amazing.

  1. Simply shake a dash of the Green powder corrector into the lid, swirl your concealer brush (or your finger, remember these are pure minerals and thus can-not collect bacteria) into the powder, tap of excess back into the lid and press into any of those red areas you wish to cover. Apply a second layer as needed. You will appear a bit green, a-la-Halloween, but not to worry, your foundation (your next step) will cover up your Frankenstein look! 
  2. Apply foundation and the rest of your look as you wish, and you are now free of red.
  3. Finish your look (after foundation and blush/bronzer) with a yellow-based powder, such as Warm Matte Finish. The yellow of the powder further conceals the redness on the face. Dust the powder in an even layer over the entire face with a large fluffy brush. 


Be sure the products you use are anti-inflammatory as well, to help calm & heal your skin as well as cover. Mineral makeup is the best option for this with it's beneficial zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as its key ingredients.

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