Enhance Your Eyes With Foiling

October 23, 2018 1 min read

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In the jewelry business, it is common to display jewels against black velvet. This striking display has a high degree of visual impact; the contrast is used to catch your eye.

Jewelers call this 'foiling'.

Foiling helps to enhance the color and intensity of jewelry.

Mineral makeup foiling

We can use the idea of foiling with our mineral eye makeup as well.

For visual impact.

For contrast.

For intensity.

Or, just to keep our makeup on ALL DAY.

Foiling is the technique of mixing water with your minerals to deepen the color and hold it onto your skin...even better than it stays already.

You can use the foiling technique to line your eyes.

Did you hear that?

That was your gorgeous eyes going POP!

You can foil your entire eye lid.

Why not?

Go for the glam.

How To Foil

For eye lining, you need a fine tip eye liner brush.

To foil your eye lid, you will use your eye shading brush.  You can use powder mineral eye liners, or you can use powder mineral eye shadows.

Heck, you can use your powder mineral cheek color too!

Use the lid of your jar to mix your minerals with water.

Don't add water to your minerals inside the jar. Once you mix water into your powder, you ask for bacteria to join in.


Shake a bit of your favorite eye color into the lid, then wet your eye liner brush.

Mix. Apply. Play around with the water to powder ratio to see what works for you.

Minerals are such fun!