Enhance Your Natural Beauty With Skincare and Makeup Over 50 (with Video)

October 23, 2018

Enhance Your Natural Beauty With Skincare and Makeup Over 50 (with Video)

Ah...makeup over 50...What Questions Do you Have About Makeup and Skincare For Your 50+ Face?

We have answers! Linda Waldon (LindaWaldon.com) invited me to participate in her monthly Style Your Way To Success Over 50 webinar series on the topic of makeup and skincare for women 50+. Did you miss it? This webinar contained a wealth of information for you; especially in terms of tips for makeup over 50. Here is what the ladies who were live on our webinar had to say:
"this site is exciting and I loved seeing and listening to you on the webinar." "This was a great call and so informative. Thank you so much!"
"I appreciated Lisa's depth of knowledge and her warm energy. I learned a lot!"
"I really enjoyed this and will definitely be looking on Lisa's website! I hope that you will be doing more of these kinds of webinar's as they are very informative!! Thank you!"
"Really enjoyed this. Would love to see Lisa do a makeup application (on me 😆....too much?!!), as we have the same color palette and hair. She's gorgeous, as are you, Linda! Thanks for this." 😊
Linda introduced the webinar this way: "I don't know about you, but I can't stand the feeling of heavy makeup. I want to both look ENHANCED and NATURAL at the same time, and I want to feel like I'm not wearing anything at all. My makeup has to take on double duty!" I couldn't agree more - and this is exactly what we discussed. Ready? Enjoyed This Bit Of Simple Beauty? Click here And Get 20% Off Your First Order And 8 Pro Aging Makeup Tips!

The Breakdown

  • We start right off at 5:00 with putting the myth to rest about mature skins not being able to wear powder foundations and move right into how to prevent any type of foundation from settling into your life-well-lived lines
  • at 14:15  you will learn whether or not you need an eye shadow primer
  • at 16:20 we talk about the changing skin around your eyes and how to best wear eye makeup
  • at 20:25 the topic of letting your silver hair shine on, and how to change your eyeshadow and blush to reflect the new you. 
  • Should you wear eyeliner? That comes up at 21:40.
  • 23:40 has talking about hooded eyelids and is just one eye color best now?
  • Do you know what your best 2 to 3 neutrals are? What am I even talking about? That comes up at 24.35
  • The hot topic of skincare comes up at 25:22. What is a good simple, inexpensive, pure and effective routine for our maturing skin? (Oh this is rich and chock-full of good information. Don't miss it).
  • Eye makeup remover? Lash extensions? 37:45.
  • Is exfoliation really important and what is the best method? 40:00
  • What's new and exciting at SBM?; formulations. A teaser. 42:00
  • Let's talk lips! Colors and textures to create beautiful lips. 43:00
  • at 46:20 you get another teaser on our newest lip products!
  • 39:29 Should we match our lip color and our cheek color; or is that outdated?
  • How do you get your makeup to last through the day in high humidity? 49:45
  • 50:00 What is the SBM difference?
  • 52:25 What is the number one question I get from women 45+?
Linda caters to women over 50, however, this information is helpful to women upwards of 45, and perhaps even younger, as we all move through the aging process differently. 

Be Pro-Active – You do have control over how your skin will age – it’s NOT all genetics.

Enjoyed This Bit Of Simple Beauty? Click here And Get 20% Off Your First Order And 8 Pro Aging Makeup Tips!

20% off your first order!

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