Finish Powder Compare - Which Finish Powder Suits You (with video)

October 23, 2018

Finish Powder Compare - Which Finish Powder Suits You (with video)

Which Finish Powder to choose? We'll help, by doing a Finish Compare.

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These two fabulous mineral face powders are somewhat of a “two sides of the same coin” scenario– they both offer several similar benefits even though one is applied to the skin before any foundation and one is applied after. What’s more, because of their synergistic properties when used together they provide maximum strength staying power and can be especially helpful for those with oilier skin who tend to struggle with face makeup wearing off throughout the day (or even simply unwanted shininess as the day goes on!). Finish Powders do have some key differences and characteristics however that make them their own unique product.

Finish Powder Compare - Which Finish Powder Suits You | Simple Beauty Minerals

Whoops! Satin Splendor in this photo is actually Silk Splendor and Satin is a fabulous Highlight Powder.

4 Finish Formulas

We are proud to offer 4 absolutely gorgeous Finish Powders here at Simple Beauty Minerals…Plus a bonus double duty Finish Powder as well (more on that below!). Although they are all unique, what they all have in common is their ability to help minimize fine lines and add to an overall softer, almost “airbrushed” or 'illuminated" look over top of your mineral foundation. They can also help to absorb excess oiliness throughout the day and aid in increasing the staying power of your makeup.



The Warm Matte Finish Powderand Matte Finish Powder are the perfect pick for beauties looking to achieve a smooth, matte, airbrushed look. 

Finish Powder Compare - Which Finish Powder Suits You | Simple Beauty Minerals

(Left to right) Warm Matte, Matte

Ideal for those with oilier skin, or simply just gals who prefer an all day matte look both of the Matte Finish Powders will provide a gorgeous matte finish to your overall look and truly step up your foundation’s game! The Warm Matte Finish provides a beautiful warm finish for all women, including women of color and darker complexions. The Matte Finish Powder offers all the same features of the Warm Matte Finish Powder in a slightly lighter and cooler shade.


If you prefer a glowy or dewy finish or if you have drier skin however, have no fear! We offer two stunning Finishes that will no doubt be a match made in heaven for you and you skin, too!

Finish Powder Compare - Which Finish Powder Suits You | Simple Beauty Minerals

(Bottom/left to top/right) Silk Splendor, Silk (Beige)

Our Silk Finish Powder and Silk Splendor Finish Powder are a wonderful option for beauties who want all of the softening & overall beautifying effect of a Finish Powder but with a glowy finish rather than a mattifying airbrushed look. Our Silk Finish Powder comes in two shades– Original (a slight rose tint with a pop of brightness), and Beige (with a bit more pigment to it for complexions with more depth to them).

A bit more Glow?

Silk Splendor Finish Powder gives an elegant touch of subtle sheen for a beautiful overall finished look.

Finish Powder Compare - Which Finish Powder Suits You | Simple Beauty Minerals

 Embellish Pro-Aging Treatment Powder

Added Beneficials

Last but not least? Our “bonus” Finish Powder (and Treatment!... and Primer!) Embellish Pro-Aging Treatment Powder. We talked about all the incredible benefits of Embellish in last week’s post as well, but this fantabulous little multitasking powerhouse just won’t stop! Because of the millions of microscopic prisms contained in the formula, Embellish reflects light back off of your face and visually helps to instantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for a smoother, more luminous look immediately upon application. Because of its translucent nature it works beautifully on all skin tones from lightest to deepest.

Finish Powder Compare - Which Finish Powder Suits You | Simple Beauty Minerals

Satin is a highlight powder of your dreams, and Satin Splendor is actually called Silk Splendor.

Want to learn more about our Finish Powders? Check out this post on how to pair them and apply them(with some bonus tips on highlight powders too!).

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Lisa's Notes: If you have any doubt about the difference our Finish Powders can make for you, be sure to request a sample with your next order. We love sample requests!

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