October 23, 2018 3 min read

Do you wonder if you are applying your blush correctly?

Do you think that perhaps you could apply it differently to enhance your face shape and be even more gorgeous than you already are? Are you comfortable applying mineral powder blush, or does the thought of all that fly away powder just freak you out? Let me tell you, once you learn the in's and out's of mineral makeup, you will be sold! 

Minerals last and last all day on your skin, are very cost effective as you use very little, are a natural sunscreen, and can actually heal your skin as you wear them. Let's get started with a brief how-to for mineral cheek color, then we can move onto face shapes and how to create balance with your blush for your particular facial features.

Swirl, Tap, Buff

To apply your loose mineral powder blush, remember these words: Swirl-Tap-Buff… This is your mineral makeup mantra.

Tap a small amount, and I do mean small, as in a dash into the lid of your jar. Dip your soft as silk vegan Blush brush into the dash of minerals and swirl it around until all of the minerals are nestled into the brush fibers. Now take your brush and tap it right side up; this will help to settle the mineral powder down into the bristles. Make sure the brush bristles are facing upward toward the ceiling when you do this. Finish by tapping any excess off by tapping the brush on the side of the lid. You should have just the right amount on your bristles now. Sweep and buff the brush (applying slight pressure) onto your cheek area. Pick up more mineral powder and swirl, tap, buff as needed. Apply one layer for very sheer, light color, apply two or three layers for more vibrancy.

What if?

If the minerals are not sticking to your skin, be sure to apply your moisturizer first, and let it soak in. Moist, hydrated skin will hold the minerals best.

Did you apply too much? Simply use a lovely large powder brush and buff away any excess. You can also apply a bit of foundation again, to soften the shock (woops) of color.

Now, on to those face shapes

Your face shape determines where you place your blush. First, determine if you are oval, square, rectangular or a heart shaped gal. If you are not sure and need help, give me a holler (reference this post), and I would be happy to walk you through the process of determining the shape of your face. Complimentary, I might add.

Do you have an Oval Face?

Lucky you! Considered to be the most balanced of face shapes, you have the most flexibility, giving you plenty of room to experiment. For a starters, follow the natural line of your cheekbones, sweeping the brush upwards and outwards towards the hairline. Also, apply a bit of blush or bronzer to the tip of the chin and around the temples.

If your face is square...

Work to emphasize your cheekbones and soften the squareness of your jaw. Apply your blush in a gently curved line along your cheekbones. Also, apply bronzer on the edge of your jawline to soften the angle.

Is your face is rectangular? You will want to follow the lines of your cheekbones, adding more definition near the hairline. Also apply a sweep of blush or bronzer along the hairline at the cheekbone level to draw the eye outward.

You have a round face

Apply blush in a straight line along the cheekbones to help create a more balanced look.

Your face is heart shaped

You only need apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks in order to create balance. 


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