Got Yellow? How To Hide Blue Shadows Under Your Eyes

October 23, 2018 1 min read

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Do you have darkness under your eyes? Dark circles? Purple discoloration? Have you wondered what the best way to cover up is?

Your answer is....YELLOW! Since yellow is the opposite of blue on the color wheel, If there is too much blue or purple under your eyes, choose a yellow color corrector to almost magically neutralize the blue/purple tones. It really works!

Powder color correctors and concealers are a breeze to use and they stay where you put them.  Love that! A few other tips to help you feel beautiful:

  • You may want to avoid wearing purple or blue eye shadow shades
  • Rim your upper lash line with dark brown/black eye liner to draw attention away from your under eye area.
  • Add mascara and a neutral shimmery eye shadow such as Champagne Shimmer or Glitz, to brighten up your look.

Here is a good article from Mayo Clinic discussing the possible causes of dark circles.

Remember, opposites attract - Just as a green color corrector can easily hide red tones in your skin, yellow will help blue and purple fade away. 

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 Watch The Video Tutorial Here

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