Green Smoothie Tips For For Radiant Skin

October 23, 2018

Green Smoothie Tips For For Radiant Skin

Health. You need Health.

If your health is failing, it is only a matter of time before your beauty fails as well. For radiant skin, start with radiant health. I am a firm believer in beauty from the inside out. When I consult with women about their skin care & makeup needs, I start with what is going on in their diet and lifestyle. This has meaning on so many levels. However, for the purpose of this post, let's stay with what we put inside our bodies in the form of food and drink, and how that manifests on the outside of our bodies.

High Density, Nutrient Rich

I find, that when I eat high-density nutrient-rich food and stay away from anything less than, I feel and look better. At this point in my life, closing in on the 50 years landmark, I don't have time to mess around. At my age, everything I eat (or don't eat as the case may be when I skip my greens) shows up twice as fast and marks the way I feel each moment of the day. For me, choosing the right foods is not about denying myself what I love to eat any more. It is about choosing to feel really good each and every day. Because, now, I notice a difference.

Smoothies For Skin Radiance

One of the things I do is to blend up a batch of smoothies every day. I can tell how well I am caring for myself and my family by the size of my compost pile on my kitchen sink! I have found two smoothie bases that work really well; I alternate between citrus juice and non-dairy milk.

  • Citrus Juice Base - fresh orange juice of at least two oranges, and a lemon or grapefruit.
  • Non-Dairy Milk Base - almond or coconut milk
To these I may add fresh apple juice or coconut water for more liquid, bananas, kiwi, pear, blueberries, raw cocoa powder and coconut oil or creme, to name a few add-ins, and lots of spinach or other mild greens. 


Super Foods

I also alternate my super foods. With each smoothie I toss in one to two tablespoons of one of these: green powder (Amazing Grass is my favorite brand), hemp protein powder, lecithin granules, flax oil, chia seeds, maca powder, spirrulina, blue green algae or chlorella.

I may even add a drop or two of orange or lemon essential oil, depending on the mix of produce and which base I am using.

Look for actual smoothie recipes in upcoming posts, but for now, if you are on Facebook, I suggest you check out Healing Thru Food with Dori Friedberg. I highly recommend her for healthy eating encouragement!

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