Guide To Our 4 Foundation Formulas (with video)

October 23, 2018

Guide To Our 4 Foundation Formulas (with video)

The Guide To Our 4 Foundation Formulas

If there’s one thing we love here at Simple Beauty Minerals, it’s givingyou options when it comes to your mineral makeup. Like,A LOT of options.


Unique. Hand-Crafted. Pure Mineral.

That’s why we offer four totally unique, hand-crafted, high-quality, pure mineral makeup foundation formulas for you to choose from. Made in small batches for optimal freshness (right here in the United States!) by our team of formulators and hand crafters, we absolutely love being able to offer you this special line of safe and healthy mineral foundation that cater exactly to your own unique needs and preferences. 

Simple Beauty Minerals - Guide To Our 4 Foundation Formulas

Found Your Shade?

So, you’ve figured out which shades are your best match using our handy dandy Foundation Shade Finder… Well, what’s next?


Find Your Formula

Easy! Let us walk you through what makes each of our mineral foundation formulas special below, and what skin types and needs they each compliment best to help you figure out which formula is the right match for you.

Ultra Light Mineral Foundation

Simple Beauty Minerals - Ultra Light Mineral Foundation

This light, airy, and barely there loose mineral foundation is the perfect pick for beauties who want just a touch of coverage– minimalistic & fresh-faced. This foundation is best for lightly evening out your skin tone and giving your complexion an overall boost resulting in a clean, soft look. Bonus? It also contains beneficial and soothing skin care ingredients like Green Tea, Chamomile, and Vitamins A and E. This formula pairs especially well with our Ultimate Kabuki Brush for application.

Perfect Cover Foundation

Simple Beauty Minerals - Perfect Cover Foundation

While the light and weightless feel of this loose mineral foundation could almost give the Ultra Light Foundation a run for its money, it offers a slightly fuller (and totally buildable) coverage for beauties who want a little more without sacrificing comfort or breathability. Perfect for everyday wear, you can add more or less depending on the level of coverage you desire on any given day including any special occasions you might desire a fuller coverage for (simply buff in an extra layer or two). Ideally suited for oily, normal, combination, dry, and mature skin types (everybody loves Perfect Cover!). This formula pairs well with our Ultimate Kabuki Brush (although some really love their Flat Top Buffer Brushes for this one, too!).

Sensy Rich Mineral Foundation

Simple Beauty Minerals - Sensy Rich Mineral Foundation

A wonderful choice for sensitive skin, or simply any beauty desiring a more complete, creamy and velvety finish! This loose mineral powder foundation is a wonderful option for those seeking fuller coverage and offers a smooth, buildable, and breathable finish. Wonderful for achieving full coverage without caking or settling into fine lines in the same way as many liquid foundations do.

Personal Anecdote

I personally wore this at Disneyland this summer for three full days of (hot and sweaty!!) fun with my husband’s extended family, and I was the only one out of all the girls who did not have major makeup lines around my mouth/face at the end of the day– we all noticed and I had to give credit to my Sensy Rich Foundation! I always really appreciate the fact that although it gives me a beautiful full coverage, it doesn’t cake and settle like other foundations I have used in years past. This formula pairs beautifully with our Flat Top Buffer Brushes (although some swear by using their Ultimate Kabuki here too!).

Antioxidant Liquid Foundation

Simple Beauty Minerals - Antioxidant Liquid Foundation

A rich & hydrating (yet lightweight!) liquid formulation, last but not least we present you with our fabulous Antioxidant Liquid foundation. This formula provides long lasting coverage that will resist settling into fine lines for a long wearing finish while providing yummy pro-aging and anti-inflammatory skincare ingredients like organic aloe, organic jojoba, and vegan MSM and DMAE to boot! Silky and smooth, this formula applies easily and leaves you with a silky smooth, seemingly flawless finish that will last you all day long!

Simple Beauty Minerals - Guide To Our 4 Foundation Formulas

All 4 formulas swatched once across Abby's forearm (one layer each) for comparison of coverage/look.

Abby is a photographer and blogger who never says no to a hot cup of tea or a new shade of lipstick. She lives in Monterey, CA with her husband where they enjoy hiking, cooking/eating everything vegan, and basically living the (neat and tidy) hippie dream. You can follow her on instagram.

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