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How To Use Finish Powder

Keep this little manicure analogy in the back of your mind:

If Primer is your base coat.

Then Finish Powder is your top coat.  

What is a Finish Powder?

A Finish Powder is a finely milled, translucent mineral powder. 

It can be used as both a setting powder, and a finish powder. 

Perfect for your makeup, or no-makeup routine.  

What is the difference between a Finish Powder and a Setting Powder

Setting powder is used after your foundation, and before the rest of your makeup- usually after a liquid foundation. 

It's purpose is to absorb any excess oil and create a smooth surface for seamless application for the rest of your makeup.

Finish Powder is applied after your full makeup is done to lock in your foundation and create a subtle blur of your pores, wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin texture. 

Our Finish Powders can be used as both setting and finish powder. Huzzah! 

One and the same.

One and done. 

Because my goal is to keep it simple and effortless for you. 

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Silk Finish Original

The 3 Types of Finish Powders

  • Matte Finish and Warm Matte Finish
  • Beige Silk and Silk Original Finish
  • Silk Splendor Finish

Matte Finish and Warm Matte Finish

A best seller for locking your makeup in place, absorbing excess oil, minimizing pores and creating an air-brushed look. 

Matte Finish is for fair to medium skin tones.

Warm Matte Finish offers a gentle hint of color; a bit of warmth which blends perfectly on deeper skin tones and even adds a touch of color to fairer skins. 

Silk Beige Finish and Silk Original Finish

If your looking for more of a soft glow, without the shimmer, this is the one to choose.  

If you have drier skin, you may enjoy this one for the lovely glow it brings. 

Silk Splendor

Just a tiny bit of glitter-free shimmer for a radiant glow.

Takes it up a notch. 

For you, if you love a luminous, almost dewey finish. 

how to apply finish powder - simplebeautyminerals.com

Warm Matte Finish and Silk Finish Original

What About Embellish Treatment Powder?

I will pop one more option in here. 

Our Embellish Treatment Powder can also be used as a Finish Powder. 

And Primer Powder. 

And a nighttime pro-aging treatment powder. 

When To Use Finish Powder

  • Everyday!
  • Over your liquid foundation as a setting powder, and / or over your final makeup application to lock it all in and diffuse. 
  • Alone, for the no-makeup look.
  • If you are going to be photographed. 

How To Apply Finish Powder

Be sure to use a soft, fluffy powder brush for a light dusting of application. 

Your Finish Powder is not about coverage, it is about blurring. 

Watch below for a demonstration. 


MATTE FINISH POWDER | simplebeautyminerals.com WARM MATTE FINISH POWDER | simplebeautyminerals.com SILK FINISH POWDER | simplebeautyminerals.com SILK SPLENDOR FINISH POWDER | simplebeautyminerals.com EMBELLISH PRO-AGING PRIMER | simplebeautyminerals.com POWDER BUFFER BRUSH | simplebeautyminerals.com
Matte Finish Powder Warm Matte Finish Powder Silk Finish Powder  Silk Splendor Finish Powder Embellish Pro-Aging Primer Powder Buffer Brush


NUTMEG MINERAL LIPSTICK | simplebeautyminerals.com BLISS MINERAL EYESHADOW | simplebeautyminerals.com SOFT TOUCH MINERAL EYESHADOW | simplebeautyminerals.com PRINCESS MINERAL EYESHADOW | simplebeautyminerals.com SHELL PINK CHEEK COLOR | simplebeautyminerals.com
Nutmeg Mineral Lipstick Bliss Mineral Eyeshadow  Soft Touch Mineral Eyeshadow Princess Mineral Eyeshadow Shell Pink Cheek Color


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