How to Glow Using a Natural Exfoliant (Video)

October 23, 2018 3 min read

How to Glow Using a Natural Exfoliant (Video)

Minimize the appearance of wrinkles and brighten dull uneven skin tone with a natural exfoliant.

Meet Radiance Reveal Exfoliant– our new all natural, gentle leave-on chemical exfoliant.


Leave on Exfoliants Work Deeper and More Effectively

Instead of physically exfoliating like a traditional facial scrub, our natural exfoliant, Radiance Reveal works to gently, deeply and effectively to exfoliate built up layers of dead skin with naturally derived Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids (AHAs and BHAs) from Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Orange, Lemon and Willow Bark Extracts by actually weakening the bonds that hold dead skin cells together each time you apply it– how cool is that?

Simple Beauty Minerals - Radiance Reveal Exfoliant

It’s also super easy to use and to apply. Radiance Reveal can be applied right after cleansing and toning– but the best part is that you just apply it and forget it– no need to wash it off or make any extra fuss. It will do its job all on its own and you can simply apply the rest of your skincare regimen (and makeup!) and go about the rest of your day while it works its magic all by itself!

Simple Beauty Minerals - Radiance Reveal Exfoliant

Exfoliation Talk

And can we just talk about exfoliation for a minute? Regular exfoliation issuch an important part of any skincare routine. Not only does it get rid of any excess layers of dead skin that can dull your overall glow, but it also works to prevent clogged pores that can result in unnecessary blemishes. Improves hydration. Brightens Skin. Oh– and did we mention that it also reveals fresh new cells for a smoother, younger-looking complexion overall? Because it totally does that, too! Needless to say, you need a good exfoliant in your life– and Radiance Reveal is an amazing option for just that.

Simple Beauty Minerals - Radiance Reveal Exfoliant

Who Can Use It?

Radiance Reveal is also a wonderful choice for sensitive skin– it is truly the perfect balance between gentle yet effective. Rosacea Skin. Oily Skin. Blemished Skin. Dry Skin. Mature Skin. The natural blend of AHAs and BHAs work to maximize cell renewal while minimizing the potential for irritation making this a product that anyone can safely enjoy when used properly for your skin type. More reasons to love Radiance Reveal if you have sensitive skin? It’s fragrance-free and a super light-weight translucent serum that will feel light and easy on your skin. Score! 

Simple Beauty Minerals - Radiance Reveal Exfoliant

Recommended Usage

We recommend starting off slow (especially if you are new to chemical exfoliants) with one application of two pumps of product once a week, and working your way up from their while listening to your skin along the way to make sure you are not adding too much too fast as your skin adjusts! ( for example: first week once total;  second week every other day; third week daily; fourth week twice per day, morning and night) If you are already used to chemical exfoliants you can try jumping in with an application every other day and working your way up from there– just be sure to listen to your skin if you feel this is too much too soon and go at a pace that feels right for you!

Simple Beauty Minerals - Radiance Reveal Exfoliant

Ready to experience the amazing au naturale glow of Radiance Reveal for yourself? 

Video: Skincare Bootcamp Week 2: Exfoliate Away Visible Signs of Aging


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Lisa's Notes: Leave On Exfoliants are a bit like exercise - you don't want to jump off the sofa and run 10 miles before you work your way up to that level of exercise. You wouldn't be able to walk the next day! So, in the same fashion, you want to ease your skin into exfoliation. It is as good for the health of your skin, as exercise is for your overall health. 

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