October 23, 2018 3 min read

Bronzer is one of the trickiest application techniques, yet when you wear a mineral makeup bronzer well, you look fantastic!

We've all seen her. The woman with the bright orange/red cheeks that even from afar, you desperately want to reach into your bag, grab your buffer brush and blend! Bronzer can be  intimidating.

I would like to illustrate just how easy it can be to use a mineral bronzer powder and also give you a a bit of persuasion in hopes you will pick up that brush and give it a try.

A bronzer, placed correctly, can slim and contour your face and give you a very healthy glow with out the damaging effects of the sun. (Do be sure and get your 20 minutes of morning sun for your vitamin D intake though). Remember, you want to get your color in your face from your bronzer and cheek color, not your foundation. And oh boy, bronzer can make green and blue eyes just pop! Now, that's what I'm talkin' about!

When choosing bronzer, go a couple of shades deeper than your skin tone, such as Natural Glow, or Warm Glow.

There are many different methods of application when it comes to bronzer, so I will give my two favorites. If you have a different method that works for you, please share!

The 'Soft E' Method

Picture a soft E on either side of your face. Follow along now with your finger - beginning at the middle of your forehead at your hairline (stay at your hairline), down to just below your cheekbone, now in towards your nose (under your cheekbone), back out under your cheekbone toward your hairline, and now down (following your hairline again and just in front of your ear) just under your jaw in towards your chin.  

Are you still with me? Give it a second try. 

Now, dip your brush into your minerals (see below) and lightly buff in the same pattern. This method gives a really natural contour as well as a sun kissed glow.

"Sun Kissed' Method

Take your brush and dust lightly just where the sun would kiss you: nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. This method does not give as much contour, but sure gives a lovely glow to your skin.

Less is more

The key is to use just a dash. Tap the littlest bit into the cap of your jar. Dip your brush into the minerals and swirl around the lid. Now, tap your brush on it's side to remove any excess. Then tap your brush on it's handle on the countertop to settle the minerals deeper into the bristles so as not to get all the minerals splotching in one place on your face. Now, with your buffer brush in hand, lightly whisk across your face in the areas you have chosen. If you want more color, add another layer, but you won't need much.

Uh-Oh Use too much?

A bit of foundation or finish powder buffed over your face will tone it down. Use a big fluffy powder brush for this. No worries!

A few extra bronzing tips

To slim the face, use a matte finish, no shimmery. However, if you do want to enhance your bronzy glow, add Silk Splendor or Satin Finish with a light dusting on top. Shimmers give a sun-kissed glowy look. So pretty! Sprinkle a small amount of bronzer into your regular moisturizer for a tinted moisturizer on those days you are just want to swirl, tap and go!

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