Improve Your Skin - Skincare BootCamp (with Video)

October 23, 2018 1 min read

Improve Your Skin - Skincare BootCamp (with Video)

What can you do daily, to dramatically improve your skin?

I will tell you... - plus we will talk about getting back to basics:

  1. Know your skin type vs. your skin concerns
  2. Choose gentle, beautifully clean cleansers and toners based on your skin type and skin concerns
  3. Consistency and patience
  4. Don't spend ridiculous amounts of money on cleansers and toners
  5. Bonus: Toner Tips
  6. And don't' you just love how Facebook grabbed the most flattering image for the preview. Yeesh. 

Now it's time for Skincare Bootcamp week 2, here.


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