Mineral Makeup Maven?

October 23, 2018 2 min read

Mineral Makeup Maven?

I have another confession to make!

I am not a makeup maven. Not a makeup junkie; A collector of makeup fads, I am not. Hmmm....allow me to clarify.  

By definition, I am a makeup maven. Wikipedia defines a maven as "a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others...".So, in that sense, yes I am a healthy beauty makeup maven.  But when I think of the image the term "makeup maven" conjures up, I think of one who has to try every single new cosmetic fad there is. One who spends all her discretionary income on the latest and the proposed greatest new gimmick. I don't have that urge.  Fads, need to prove themselves to me. Then, and only then, am I loyal to them.

Like mineral makeup. Proven. Done. It's got me. However, I do LOVE makeup. In a sensible, orderly kind of way. You know what I mean? One blush at a time. Only a couple of lipsticks in my drawer, and one in my purse, (OKAY, there is also a gloss and balm in my purse, ya know, I gotta have all my bases covered). I simply don't have tons of pots and jars in my makeup drawer.  I need to be organized! 

Now, don't get me wrong. I am always trying out new colors & products to offer up to you, my customers. These lovelies have a special place all of their own on the counter. Oh boy, I only wish you could come over and play with me!

Here is what I currently have in my makeup wardrobe: 

  • Two concealer/correctors - Green & Med/Fair
  • One foundation jar - Neutral 3 (my summer shade)
  • One bronzer - Natural Glow
  • One blush - Sumptuous Shimmer
  • Two finish jars - Matte and Silk Splendor (for sparkly moments)
  • One brow powder - Tierra Dark
  • Six eye shadows - Glitz, Sandstone, Celery, Smoke (from the Smoky Eye Collection), Khaki & Blastin Blue
  • Two eyeliner pencils - Cinnamon & Seal Black Magic Mascara
  • Two Lip Liners - Nude & Auburn Shimmer
  • One Lipgloss - Mango
  • One Lipstick - Burgundy Red
  • One lip balm - Lavender

What do you think? Are you a makeup maven? Am I? How much do you have in your makeup drawer? Do you have more? Or less? Do you have products in your drawers that you don't even use any more? And maybe, just maybe,  this organized, waste-not sensibility is why I don't oversell my clients. What do you think?  


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