October 23, 2018 1 min read

Natural Cosmetics: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly | Simple Beauty Minerals

When Amity, the editor of Green Child Magazine asked me to write an article to help her readers sort through all the information and misinformation out there about choosing good, safe natural cosmetics and personal care products, I was excited, and a bit overwhelmed.

It is a huge topic. Natural vs. Organic. What is Organic? How do we know for sure if it is a safe product? Can we really trust the brands marketing?  Below is the final piece, after much editing and re-working, because of the huge amount of information I had to sift through, for you to enjoy. And I hope, learn what you need, in order to feel confident.  You’d think if you source and make all your own makeup from ingredients you know are safe, you’d never have to worry. But where your tween or teen is concerned, all bets are off! When my daughter was 12 and interested in exploring makeup for the first time, I steered her toward my own brand, Simple Beauty Minerals. I was so pleased and relieved I didn’t have to sort through dozens of brands. I knew my products were safe. And she was happy and excited to play. Read the full article here.