Pro-Aging Tip: Not Too Dark, Not Too Light - Just Right.

October 23, 2018 3 min read

Pro-Aging Tip: Not Too Dark, Not Too Light - Just Right.

Pro-Aging Tip: Foundation Just Right | Simple Beauty Minerals

Option 1: Flat, lifeless skin. Heavy, dull skin.

Or, Option 2: bright, fresh skin, with a natural glow.

Of course, you would choose the second option. But did you know...? Wearing the wrong foundation shade can age us in a way that is not necessarily flattering. (See first option).

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Aging in itself is not a bad thing. Aging without the right tools, now that can be a bummer.


The Right Foundation is One of Those Tools

As the head mistress of SBM (I've always wanted to call myself that), I find one of the most satisfying parts of my day is when I receive a message from a customer who is so pleased with her foundation shade and finally feels she has the right one.
"It was such a relief to finally wear makeup that not only matched my skin tone , looked natural and good but also didn't irritate my skin. I am a very happy customer. Thank you so much for making your products available - I love them!" Jessica M. 

Because, the number one challenge that I hear from women on a daily basis, is exactly that, the challenge of finding the best foundation shade for their skin tone. And never is wearing the right shade more important than when we mature, and our skin matures right along with us. Like a fine wine.  Damn straight.

Sensy Rich Foundation in Camelia | Simple Beauty Minerals

 Lauren is wearing Sensy Rich Foundation in Camelia


It Takes a Bit of Work

We all want to maintain our radiant, fresh appearance. You work on eating right, drinking enough water and your daily two cups of anti-oxidant rich green tea. You work out and move your body. You do yoga. You meditate. You may even visit the Med Spa for the newest non-invasive treatments. My god, it's a full-time job.

Don't let the wrong shade of foundation negate all your good work.

"I believe my skin in more healthy as a direct result of using Simple Beauty Minerals makeup."Suzanne H.W.

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It's Subtle

If your foundation shade is just a bit off, It's a subtle difference, but one that can really make a difference in how you look and feel. 

Wynona Sensy Rich Foundation | Simple Beauty Minerals

Wynona Sensy Rich Foundation is a perfect match for Rosanne

Pro-Aging Mature Skin Tip

Wear foundation that matches your skin color: both face and neck. Not darker, and not lighter.

Too Light If your foundation is too light, your skin appears flat and lifeless, and your makeup looks like it is sitting on your skin. You have that floating head look. And it's not Halloween.

Too Dark If your foundation is too dark for your skin, you're not highlighting your features. It drags them down. Your skin appears heavy and dull. Too often we choose a foundation a shade darker than our true skin tone because once you put a matching skin tone foundation on your skin, you can feel so pale.

Just Perfect Yes, at first, with just your true match foundation shade on your skin, you may notice your face will look too light at first, but don't  fret... Get your color with bronzer and / or your most flattering cheek color.

Perfect Cover Warm 4.5 Mineral Foundation | Simple Beauty Minerals

Taru is wearing Perfect Cover Warm 4.5

Help! How do I choose the right shade of foundation?

We can help. Take our Foundation Shade Finder to find your best foundation shade. Find our easy sampling programs here and here. Once you have your samples in hand - Look here for directions to the stripe test.


P.S. Did you know? Our models are not photo-edited and they are wearing Simple Beauty Minerals makeup (that is not always true for ads in the beauty industry). Read about our #DontTouchThatUp philosophy.

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