October 23, 2018 1 min read

How to look good with an easy and quick and easy makeup look.

I do love my makeup. 

That said, there are days when I just want the bare minimum.

I know you have those days as well.

Or, perhaps it is just one of those days where we need to get out the door quick.


Here is a quick and easy list of what you could use to either get started in mineral makeup, or for those days that you just need to do a quick swirl, tap, and go! 

6 Easy products to get you out the door quick 

  1. Mineral Foundation to provide sunscreen and polish (can be used as concealer too), don't forget your decollete.
  2. Bronzer or Blush
  3. Mascara or Eye Liner, depending on your eyes and what you feel you need to enhance the most ( I NEED mascara).
  4. Lip Glossor Lipstick

  5. Kabuki Brush
  6. Bronzer Brush or Blush Brush

Some days I take it down even a notch further with a bit of a brow touch up, a quick mascara swipe and lips.

I gotta have my lipstick.

That is it!

An easy, down and dirty quick mineral makeup routine.

Next time that pesky alarm doesn't go off, you know just what to do. (No applying makeup while you are driving, puleese!)

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