Red Plum Mineral Eye Shadow Spotlight

October 23, 2018

Red Plum Mineral Eye Shadow Spotlight

Red Plum Mineral Eye Shadow | Simple Beauty Minerals

One of the coolest things about mineral makeup is how insanely versatile it is. Today, Abby will show you how to use one eye shadow as a full face look - featuring Red Plum Mineral Eye Shadow. 

Seriously! One of my favorite tips to give you is that you can use just one pigment for pretty much anything your heart desires– so today I decided to put my money where my mouth is and show you how to create a full makeup look based on one color.


Red Plum Mineral Eye Shadow

I chose one of my absolute faves from the Simple Beauty Minerals lineup – Red Plum Mineral Eye Shadow. This is such a gorgeous shade, and it can be used in so many ways that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show it off to you and let you all in on this awesome little beauty secret! I used Red Plum as a base for my eyeshadow, as well as for a colorful liner on my lower lash line, and as a lip color in this look. You don’t have to stop there, as Red Plum makes a totally gorgeous cheek color/blush as well, but I went lighter on my cheeks today since my eye was a bit darker, and I really wanted the eyes to stand out. For this look, I usedSimple Basics Mineral Eye Shadow,  Champagne Ice Mineral Eye Shadow,  Cherry Wine Mineral Eye Shadow (this is another absolutely gorgeous shadow that can double as a knockout lip color too),Red Plum Mineral Eye Shadow,  Soft Black Mineral Liner, and Black Magic Mineral Mascara Alright, let’s get into it!

Simple Basics works beautifully as your base color. Apply it all over your lid. Add in Champagne Ice as your inner corner highlight, and as your browbone highlight to work as your “transitional color” between your skin and your brighter shadows so there is a gradient between the brighter pop of color and your face.

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Red Plum Mineral Eye Shadow | Simple Beauty Minerals

 Jump in with Red Plum– really pack it into your crease using asmall, dense, and flat eyeshadow brush to give the most coverage.

Red Plum Mineral Eye Shadow | Simple Beauty Minerals

 Using a super fluffy blending brush, blend it upwards and into Champagne Ice to create the gradient. Then reapply Red Plum with a small dense shadow brush to the crease again to create a strong color outline in your crease after blending.

Red Plum Mineral Eye Shadow | Simple Beauty Minerals

 Next up is Cherry Wine! Pack this onto your eyelid, below your crease. This will create a colorful base for you to blend the black shadow into in your next step, and help you to cut the intensity of the black. I chose Cherry Wine because it is somewhat deeper than Red Plum, but they are both warm with red tones so Cherry Wine will create a really pretty base for the black to blend into that will complement Red Plum. It will also warm up the look a bit as we blend it upwards into the crease to melt into Red Plum and create a pretty transition from color to color.

Red Plum Mineral Eye Shadow | Simple Beauty Minerals

 Now, take Red Plum down onto your lower lashline as a pretty pop of color using your Fine Point Eyeliner Brush and drawing in the eyeliner below your lashes… 

Red Plum Mineral Eye Shadow + Fine Point Eyeliner Brush  | Simple Beauty Minerals


Almost Done

For your last step, pack the Soft Black Mineral Liner onto your lid near the upper lashline, and then blend out using a fluffy brush again to create a soft coverage over your entire eyelid that blends into the Red Plum crease. Start with a little, as this has very intense coverage, and you can always add more (but it’s trickier to take away too much!) Use the Black Magic Mineral Mascara with a couple coats to give your lashes more volume, and follow up with a few strokes of the Blackberry Ultimate Healthy Mascara on the tips of your lashes to make then even longer and more dramatic. To get that extra length/volume, I typically start at the base of my lashes and work in a couple coats, and then coax a bit onto the tips of my lashes until I get the right ratio of volume to length. Last but not least, pack the Red Plum pigment onto your lips for a truly stunning finishing touch– this color will leave you with a slightly metallic sheen that is out of this world! I have worn it several times like this and I have always gotten compliments on it from fellow makeup lovers I run into throughout my day :) And there you have it!

Red Plum Mineral Eye Shadow | Simple Beauty Minerals


Plenty of Variations

This is one of my favorite looks, and I wear variations of it seriously all the time. I like using the black to create a bit of a smoky eye because then I don’t have to draw on eyeliner to my upper lashline and it’s actually way quicker for me (ha!), but you could definitely play around with this look and make it your own by substituting your favorite colors for the crease and highlight, or adding in some extra liner, or switching up the lip color– really, the possibilities are endless. And speaking of endless possibilities, you can take a peek and see how you can style Red Plum in a softer, sweeter, romantic Valentine's Day look if you check out our blog postfrom last month with a full tutorial on it. til next time, xx Abby


Abby is a recent UCSB alum and self proclaimed second-generation hippie with a passion for everything DIY, vegan snickerdoodles, and eco-friendly, sustainable living– in that order. She is happily married to all 6 ½ feet of her wonderful husband, and spends her time taking pictures and writing about about her life in tiny notebooks.

Note from Lisa: What fun! Abby and I planning lots more one makeup tutorials so be on the watch for them...


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