Romantic Valentine's Day Purples (with Video)

October 23, 2018 4 min read

Romantic Valentine's Day Purples (with Video)

Natural purple eyeshadow is perfect for a beautiful, flattering makeup look.

Valentine’s day is the perfect time to go through your makeup stash and dream up a look full of color and romance fit for the special occasion of celebrating your love! This year, we wanted to bring you a romantic purple themed look showcasing some of Simple Beauty Minerals’ gorgeous purple shadows– we have quite a selection for you to choose from! What can we say? Purple. Love. 

Romantic Valentine's Day Purples Mineral Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals

I picked out Dream, Lilac, and Lavender Silver for this Valentine’s Day look. 

Prior Purple Posts

That said, I have done looks featuring Red Plum and Mystery (which both fall into the purple camp as well!) in previous posts. Take a peek for more purple inspiration!
  • Red Plum Eyeshadow Look (One of my all-time favorites– click the link and you can check it out in a new tab easy as pie!)
Romantic Valentine's Day Purples Mineral Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals Romantic Valentine's Day Purples Mineral Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals
Romantic Valentine's Day Purples Mineral Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals

Our Newest Purple Look

What goes together better than purple and green?

Lisa's note: Ahem. They happen to be the very colors of my home! It’s one of my favorite combinations to wear (I had a little extra fun with this look and I even coordinated my outfit and headwrap with the color combo). I have green eyes and it really makes them “pop”, but purple can go really beautifully with your eye colors as well– with the right shade of purple for you and your unique coloring, it can make your features pop!


We Keep It Simple

Dream. Lilac. Lavender Silver. Even though it’s full of color, I kept this look simple to really showcase the natural beauty of the shimmering purple shadows themselves. Begin with an eyeshadow primer before you apply your shadows because it will help them to really pack onto your lid, and stay on all day with all of their bright and vibrant beauty! For this, and again, we keep it simple - you can use a light dusting of your mineral foundation, or mineral concealer, or mineral primer. Eyeshadow Primer. Done. Another option for a pigmented, long-lasting application is to use the foiling method– just know that this will result in a (very pretty!) metallic sheen once the shadows set so keep that in mind when deciding which method will best help you achieve the look you’re going for!

Romantic Valentine's Day Purples Mineral Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals

After applying primer to your lids, try the Eye Shading Brush to really pack Lilac onto the inner half of your eyelids, following up with Dream on the outer half applied with the same packing technique to really maximize pigmentation. Follow up by using the Mini Fluff Brushto blend the two together just a touch in the middle, and to blend out dream up and into your crease. Depending on how pigmented of a look you desire, you may choose to “pack” more for more pigmentation, or blend out more for a softer finish. I opted to keep my as pigmented as possible for the photos so you could really see the colors in the finished look, but if you prefer a softer/more toned down version feel free to blend out the shadows as much as suits you!

Romantic Valentine's Day Purples Mineral Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals

To complete the eyeshadow look I added a touch of Lavender Silver by sweeping it across my brow bone, as well as dabbing it onto the inner corners of my eyes (I personally like to use my ring finger there to tenderly apply it, however, a brush would work too!), and then I went back in with the tip of the Eye Shading Brush to work a tiny bit of Dream underneath my lashline and tie the colors all together. I finished up by applying Ebony Black Mineral Eyeliner Pencil to both my waterline and my upper lash line (I dragged it imprecisely across to get a thick, slightly smudged effect that I have been loving lately!), and added a few coats of Black Magic Natural Mascara to complete the eyes.

Romantic Valentine's Day Purples Mineral Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals

I wanted to leave my cheeks fairly simple since I had so much going on with my eyes and lips, so I just added a few sweeps of Ballet Slipper Mineral Blush for a light, glowy, romantic touch and left it at that.

Romantic Valentine's Day Purples Mineral Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals

My hubby snapped this picture of me after I had put my glasses back on and was ready to go back inside, but I think this look turned out super cute even under my glasses, so here’s a little snap of what this looks like even worn in my “real life” (ha!). I’m loving the purples in this look, and how they even shine through from behind my glasses– who knew! :)


Video: Primers - The What, The Why and The How

(Inside this video, I (Lisa) also wear the pretty purple eyeshadow look that Abby has featured. All ages can wear this look - just modify it to suit your look.)

Abby is a photographer and blogger who never says no to a hot cup of tea or a new shade of lipstick. She lives in Monterey, CA with her husband where they enjoy hiking, cooking/eating everything vegan, and basically living the (neat and tidy) hippie dream. You can follow her on instagram, or find her + her organic handmade mineral lipsticks HERE.


Note From Lisa: OMG. Doesn't that above swatch of purples just make your heart patter???? (That from the woman who has a purple front door). 

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