The Lure of Lush Lashes (With Video)

July 31, 2019 4 min read

The Lure of Lush Lashes (With Video)

*updated 9-2019

We lose our lashes as the years get on. 

Im sorry to be the bearer of bad news. 

It is what it is. Right? 

Well, I for one, am not going down without a fight.

I thought you would be interested in going along on my journey - the journey to lush lashes. 

I was not happy with my missing eyelashes. 

So I went to work. 

2016 On the Brooklyn Bridge with virtually NO lashes to show. 

I Began Using Latisse

You've heard of it. 

It really, truly does work. 

Your lashes will grow. So will your nose hairs. (Ya. No one tells you that, right?)

But. It is not the best fit for everyone. 

The lure of lush lashes is so strong, that even when I was told by my optometrist that my light hazel eyes had the chance, very small, but still a chance, of turning brown with the use of Latisse, I took the risk. 

But it did scare me. 

Brown eyes are beautiful.

But mine are light and hazel and I wanted to keep them that way. 

So, I kept a close eye, on my eyes. 

Each night I applied the product. 

By day 2, I was not only concerned for my eye color, I began to get red and itchy. 

But still, I continued.

Because. Lure of lush lashes. 

By the end of one week, I had had enough. 

My eyes itched. 

My eyes were red.

My eyes were scaly. 

But, they were still hazel! Phew!

I stopped.

I gave the rest of the my product to my friend who uses and loves it. 

I was done. 

Now what to do? 

I Began Wearing Lash Extensions

2017 My new eyes. Cue the batting. 

OK, so that worked. 

Maybe a bit too much. 

But oh, was it fun having lashes again!

I loved waking up to lush lashes. 

I loved going to bed with lush lashes. 

I loved not having to apply mascara. 

What I Didn't Love

I didn't love that I had to be ultra careful when waking up and rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. 

No. Rubbing. Of. Eyes. 

I didn't love that I had to be very careful and couldn't apply any type of oil on my eyes. A non-oily eye makeup remover was required. 

Lucky for me...

3 in One Wash Away -

3 in One Wash Away is the perfect eye makeup remover for lash extensions.

SHOP 3 in One Wash Away 

I didn't love that I had to go back every TWO WEEKS for maintenance. 

I didn't love the cost of all that. 

And I didn't love it when I got an eye infection.  

Remember, red, scaly and itchy?

It was baaaack.


It would begin to heal up, and I would head back to my maintenance appointment. and WHAM!

Eye infection again. 

It was like I was in denial, because I did this back and forth crazy for about two months. 

You know. 

Lure of lush lashes. 

I finally gave in. I ditched the lash extensions. 

Back to where I started. 

I'm nothing if not determined. (My husband tells me this all the time).

I began to grow my own lashes back 

I nurtured my weary lashes by giving them a break.

I used a nourishing lash serum for my lashes.


SHOP Amalie Wink Lash & Brow Oil


While my lashes were growing back I wore false eyelashes for special occasions and of course, Facebook tutorials. 

false eyelashes -

False Eyelashes


I began using Rodan & Fields Lash Boost


My sister in law Kelly, a Rodan & Fields representative, introduced this product to me.

Similar to Latisse, this is a true lash growth serum, yet it's known to cause less irritation, and no threat of eye color change.

I do trim my nose hairs, though. 

If you think this can work for you, give Kelly a holler, she'll set you right up. 

Be sure to tell her Lisa sent you. 

*UPDATE: I can no longer recommend a hormone based lash serum, as there are too many side effects. I will add more to the story soon, as my journey continues...

The search for the right mascara. 

My lashes were longer and fuller; time to partner them with a lush mascara. 

I started my mascara quest. 

I do have a healthy SBM mascara, and it's a popular product.

Customers buy it repeatedly.

It has fans. 

That said, I wanted more drama. 


 Healthy Mascara is a sure win if you have trouble finding one that doesn't bother your eyes - and it defines beautifully. 


My Clean, Lush-Lash Building Mascara Find 

SHOP Ilia Limitless Mascara


I tried several. 

I found the one. 


No smudging!

Comes off at night when you intentionally remove it.

The lovely aroma of rose. 

Did I say drama?

So there you have it. 

I found the perfect combination: Lash Boost and Ilya Mascara.

It has been over a year now, and I have had great success. 

And I feel pretty with my very own long lashes. 

Cue the eye-batting. 

Can you relate to my search for lush lashes? 

2019 - Finally, lush lashes I can live with.  

Get Your Lashes & Brows Back


*The Ilia mascara & Wink Lash Nourish links are affiliate links - tried and true and well-loved products.