The New 50+ - Aging Backwards

October 23, 2018 3 min read

The New 50+ - Aging Backwards

Gorgeous, glowing skin. Bright eyes. Energy. Pizzazz!


So, let me ask you? Are you a 'mature' woman? Upwards of 45 years? Or maybe, you are upwards of 35, and you are smart enough to know that the earlier you begin taking care of yourself the better off you will be. Because, let me tell you, it does make a difference, the work you put into yourself. A huge difference.

I am at the crossroads. A pivotal birthday about to happen, and it seems no one is about to let me forget it. My friend Maria gave me a gift certificate to a series of Jazzercise classes as a Christmas gift. Well, I finally got around to meeting up with her for a class. It was great fun, but here is what got me... 

Before class, I had to fill out a form, you know, your basic contact data, who to contact in the event of an emergency, etc... along with the standard health related questions such as : "Have you recently had any surgery?" No. "Using any meds?" No. "Under Doctors care?" No. No. No. No. And No. I have always been able to check the 'No' box when it came to these health questions, however,.... 

There was one question that gave me pause... "Are you over 50..." (breath held, my 50th birthday is 9 days away as of this writing), and it went on... "and unaccustomed to strenuous physical exercise?"No! Phew. That was a close one. I exercise regularly, and I am not yet 50. But you know, that question really struck me. This is it. The time in our lives when we need to really focus on our health, or the consequences will be dire. Because the question was not simply " Are you unaccustomed to regular strenuous exercise?" No, it specifically targeted the over 50 set. Me! And you?

So, here it is. In 9 days' time, I will have hit a new stage of life. A stage I  have been preparing for, as opposed to blindly entering into. You see, I watched my elderly, unhealthy parents die this past year; and suffer miserably the years prior to that.

In her day, my mom was a gorgeous, vibrant, vivacious woman. So, excuse my French, but what the hellhappened? Years of TV dinners and Hamburger Helper is what happened. A life where the most her body moved was to get into the car and then out again once they got to Safeway or Longs Drug Store. Bless my parents, they did their best. In every aspect of life there is a gift. The gift they gave to me, was one of observation, one of contrast. I want something different. I have lived my life thus far under the philosophy that we are not supposed to go downhill after 50. We can still climb!  

So here's the deal. You want to keep your bright eyes, glowing skin & pizzazz? Listen up! We are going to explore the topic of anti-aging, and vibrant lifestyles. In addition to my articles about healthy skin oils, healthy and not so healthy makeup and skincare ingredients and mineral makeup, I will be sharing with you the best and most up-to-date tips on 'aging backwards' and talking with experts in the field.

This is good stuff. Supplements to assist us in aging backward, super foods, skin products that make a difference...and more.

What do you want to know in regards to gong forward in your life with pizzazz? Do you have tips for us? Do share! Climb on girlfriends! If you need some new friends and would like to be with like-minded women, come on over to the Simple Beauty Facebook Page! We'd love to meet you!