Time To Wash Up! 3 Easy Steps To Remove Your Mineral Makeup

October 23, 2018

Time To Wash Up! 3 Easy Steps To Remove Your Mineral Makeup

Just how do you remove mineral makeup?

Even though it is pure enough to sleep in, you know best practice for a life of beautiful glowing skin is to wash your face each and every night.

And now it is time to wash up and hit the silk pillowcase. But, my goodness. This powder does not come off so well! If you are using a soap type of cleanser, then yes, that is true. Ah, but there is a trick! It is super easy to remove your gentle minerals, if you use this technique- Enter the double cleanse. I am a big fan of the double cleanse for skin that ages well. (Even if you don't wear minerals). You see, mineral makeup does not remove with soap and water. To prove this, as an experiment, try washing your empty jar of minerals with hot water and soap. You simply can not get it sparkling clean. Even in the dishwasher it does not clean up well. Minerals are water resistant; which is a good thing! Have you noticed how you can take a dip in the pool and your minerals are still where you put them? However, begin with an oil or lotionbased cleanser, olive, almond, or any vegetable based oil (no mineral oil please) and follow with your favorite foamy type cleanser and you are good to go! (to sleep, that is). 3 Easy Steps To Remove Your Mineral Makeup
  1. dampen a cotton pad (organic please) with a bit of water  you will use less oil that way and the cotton fibers won't cling to your skin
  2. add your oil based cleanser to the pad and swipe across your face, eyes and lips until you feel most of your makeup is off. Use both sides, and use more than one pad if you need to.
  3. now turn the warm water on and lather up with your bar soap, or  foamy cleanser and wash away the remaining oil and makeup.
Your face is now clean and prepared for toner, serum and moisturizer. Don't forget your eye creme, and be sure to pat it around your lips as well. See you in the morning!

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