True Confessions of a Style Rebel

October 23, 2018 2 min read

True Confessions of a Style Rebel

Musings on Healthy Style

So here I am with a business called Style Essentials.

And, I have a confession to make. I am not a fashionista.Oh no, far from it. In fact, in the past, I have made courageous attempts to study fashion magazines. After all, I am in the business of beauty and style; I should understand the latest trends and bring them to my peeps, right?

However, the only thing that happens as I hold those glossy magazine pages in my hands, is that my eyes glaze over. I have a strong desire to take a nap. Maybe go outside. Get some fresh air. I just. Can't. Make heads. Or tails. of them. All I can see is these women who look emaciated and ridiculous in those damn get ups. And, if I saw anyone out-and-about really wearing those outfits, I would bust out laughing!

But, I know what I like when I see it. I like comfortable clothing made from natural fibers that flatter a woman's shape. I like good, straight forward clothing and fashion advise. I like resources for eco-friendly green fashions.

That being said, I do have style. A style all my own. My personal style is one part gypsy (I love a good scarf on my head, long flowy skirts and hoop earrings, the larger the better), one part drama queen (oh just deck me out in too much bling and I am in heaven) one part if-I-can't-do-yoga-in-it-I'm-not-wearing-it, and even one part funky (I throw that in everyone once in while, just for fun!) Hats are my best friends, and I gave up heels when I had my kids. Good riddance, I say! I know what feels good on me. I also know when I have missed it. I can just feel it.

What I am trying to say is that we can have style, style that we own, with out feeling like we have to be fashion models, nor be dictated to by the fashion world. It can be a great feeling! I say, dress to the nines in your style. How do you know if you got it? Ask yourself these questions:

Do I feel great in what I am wearing? 
Do I feel confident?
Do I love it?
Am I comfortable? Can I move about freely?

Is it appropriate for my lifestyle?

I believe that our outside reflects our inside. That goes for health and beauty, as well as style and confidence. Looking, and feeling, your best has nothing to do with fashion trends. It has to do with knowing yourself, and being confident enough to show the world. So, go on. Show us! My goal? To be the best dressed me at the park (or the grocery store), and maybe even to be able to do a quick work out in the middle of the day, no matter what I am wearing.

What about you? Do you know your personal style? Do you feel it is either jeans and sweat shirt or to follow all the trends? Can you find middle ground? Do you think it is important to put your best self forward? Let us know your thoughts and comment below!