Romantic Valentine’s Day Purples

Natural purple eyeshadow is perfect for a beautiful, flattering makeup look. Valentine’s day is the perfect time to go through your makeup stash and dream up a look full of color and romance fit for the special occasion of celebrating your love! This year, we wanted to bring you a

Powder to Creamy Concealer?

Powder to creamy concealer – BAM! One of the *really* cool things about mineral makeup is how customizable it is. Seriously, there are so many different ways to apply it based on what your individual preferences and needs that there truly is a way for everyone to use it and

Hide Tired Eyes – Take A Catnap And Feel Well Rested

Hide tired eyes with our under-eye brightening Catnap Concealer and Color Corrector. Because, there are those days. You do your best to get your 7.5 to 8 hours sleep, but there are those sleep disturbances that you just can’t always avoid. You stumble out of bed in the morning, only

Improve Your Skin – Skincare BootCamp

What can you do daily, to dramatically improve your skin? I will tell you… – plus we will talk about getting back to basics: Know your skin type vs. your skin concerns Choose gentle, beautifully clean cleansers and toners based on your skin type and skin concerns Consistency and patience

Can Mature Women Wear Powder Foundation?

Have you wanted to wear mineral foundation because of all the great benefits to your skin? A well formulated mineral foundation is breathable, offers an extremely natural feel, is virtually waterproof and is naturally sun protectant. BUT… …you’ve also that heard mature skins should avoid powder mineral makeup? Perhaps you