Are You In A ‘Neutral Eye’ Rut?

The neutral eye is hot…but don’t get stuck in a rut. Here’s the thing. Sometimes, I get stuck in a neutral color rut (does this happen to you too?!) where I find myself wearing the exact same few neutral shadows over, and over, and over again… And that’s been me lately!

Looking Your Best on Camera

  A makeup tutorial checklist for looking your best on camera using mineral makeup. As a photographer, even though most of the time I am behind the camera (apart from my SBM blog posts, of course!), I have had the opportunity to really learn what looks good (and how to

Simple Makeup Look for Both Young and Mature Beauties (Video)

Play along as Abby and I put our makeup on – A simple makeup look for both young and mature beauties. Using the same colors, we show you how we choose to apply them in our own way, to suit our own coloring, eye shapes and ages. Tips Keep dedicated

5 Lip and Eye Shimmer Pairings

With 5 NEW Lip Shimmer’s in the shop, this lip and eye parings post is extra special, and one that I seriously cannot wait to share with you! Ok, true– I get seriously excited about every post that I get to share with you on the Simple Beauty Blog, but this

Polish Those Lips!

The secret to a perfect lipstick application is all in… Your lips! And while I’m sure this isn’t ground-breaking news to anyone, prepping our lips before we apply lipstick (or a Simple Beauty Minerals Lip Gloss, or Lip Shimmer!) is something that– if you’re anything like me– you tend to