Beauty Lessons Mom Taught Me

With Mother’s Day this past weekend, I found myself thinking about all of the “moms” in my life, and how lucky I have been to have grown up surrounded by so many strong, smart, bold, and absolutely beautiful women. I am blessed to have three amazing women in my life

Behind The Scenes – Beauty Photo Shoot

The whirlwind that was this past weekend was our Spring beauty photoshoot for Simple Beauty Minerals, and it was so much fun that we wanted to take you along with us in this week’s blog post! This is your peek into our “behind-the-scenes”, so you can really see where everything happens,

5 Minute Chocolate Caramel Cups

  A skin lovin’ healthy treat complete with chocolate and caramel. Valentine’s day may be over – but I’m willing to bet that you still have a ton of chocolate lying around after all of the festivities. Which is amazing news for you– because I have a magical little recipe

It’s That Gingerbread Time of Year

Holiday treats are one of my favorite things about the season of Yule– cookies, candies, holiday tea (I’m pretty sure everyone here at SBM is borderline obsessed with tea– ok, I’m downright obsessed…!)– there is just so much yummy holiday goodness to be had. I mean, let’s just talk about

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie = Awesome Skin

I’m so excited to share this recipe for my favorite “pumpkin pie” smoothie today– I love this one because in my opinion when it comes to Autumn there’s no such thing as too much pumpkin pie, and this is a fun, easy, healthy way to get that pumpkin-y fix! I