Green Tea Lotion Cleanser Spotlight

  Green tea contains a powerful but gentle antioxidant that can calm redness, fight signs of aging, and soothe acne-prone skin. Just like a nice hot steaming cup of green tea can help to calm and refresh you all the while working its behind the scenes antioxidant health benefits as you

Gentle Cleansing Bar Spotlight

  This dreamy, creamy, delightfully pink, gentle cleansing bar is about to become your skin’s new BFF. If you haven’t already fallen in love with the Pink Mineral Complexion Bar, you’d better hold on tight because as soon as you try it you are going to fall head over heels

Essential Mineral Foaming Gel Cleanser – Spotlight

Using the right cleanser is more important than you think. The wrong cleanser can create a skin condition that you don’t normally have—one that you’ll constantly be trying to “fix” with your topical products. With this in mind, we continue our exploration of cleansers and toners, expanding our Facebook Live

Gentle Toner Spotlight

  When a gentle toner is well designed and formulated full of beneficial ingredients such as antioxidants and healing botanicals, it is one of the key steps you can take in your quest for better skin. January is skincare month here at Simple Beauty Minerals, so in that spirit we

How to Glow Using a Natural Exfoliant

Minimize the appearance of wrinkles and brighten dull uneven skin tone with a natural exfoliant. Meet Radiance Reveal Exfoliant– our new all natural, gentle leave-on chemical exfoliant. Leave on Exfoliants Work Deeper and More Effectively Instead of physically exfoliating like a traditional facial scrub, our natural exfoliant, Radiance Reveal works