Better Than Botox? What Does Frankincense Oil Have To Do With It?

  Frankincense? Better than botox? I would argue yes! Frankincense Essential Oil is da bomb! With it’s sweet, warm, balsamic aroma, it has many, many beneficial usages. We will focus on the skin. Because that’s just what we do here. It is prized for its medicinal and spiritual qualities. One


Looking for perfect foundation? Choose yout foundation blend, not only your foundation shade. When women talk about choosing a foundation, they usually focus on finding the right shade to match their skin color. Thats important, of course… but don’t jump the gun… women talk aboout choosing a foundation, they usually

Clarisonic Review – A Simple Beauty Tool

  Consider adding sonic cleansing to your healthy skin care ritual. Because,… can I just tell you? I LOVE my clarisonic sonic cleanser. I bought one for my daughter and I for a Christmas gift (I even had it engraved. It says “Kasey and Mom”), and I use it faithfully

12 Quick Feel Younger Tips

Simple, yet often times forgotten little ‘ah-has’ that will truly help you feel younger, and your look stay snappy! Skin Care 1. Don’t forget your lips! Keep them moist, as dry flaky lips can age your appearance. Find our yummy organic Lip Balm HERE. 2. Get plenty of sleep –

Gluten Free Bread – Yes. But Gluten Free Mineral Makeup?

Simple Beauty Minerals offers you a wide variety of choices in gluten free cosmetics.  Have you considered the option of gluten free makeup? Chances are you have heard of ‘gluten free’ in terms of diet. You may even know someone who is, or even yourself be, celiac, which of course