Simple Makeup Look for Both Young and Mature Beauties (Video)

Play along as Abby and I put our makeup on – A simple makeup look for both young and mature beauties. Using the same colors, we show you how we choose to apply them in our own way, to suit our own coloring, eye shapes and ages. Tips Keep dedicated

Eyes to Lips – The Magic of Multi-Tasking Minerals (Video)

Enjoy the fact that many of your favorite pure mineral eye shadows can be magically turned into your favorite lip colors as well. Here I take the eye shadow look Abby and I created for you in the blog post “Blushed Nude” featuring Bliss, Princess and Soft Touch Mineral Eye

Blushed Nude: Simple and Feminine, Everyday Eye Look (video)

A ‘blushed nude’ is the best way to describe this flattering, soft and natural everyday eye shadow look. Let’s talk about Bliss. If it’s not already, it’s about to be your new all-time favorite mineral eyeshadow (you’re welcome). It’s so light and shimmery, and it has a tiny hint of

Mineral Lips Unlimited (Video)

If your like most women, lip makeup is probably one of your favorite bits in your beauty ritual. We’ve got you covered (literally!) with minerals. Simple Mineral Lips Here’s how you can get simply beautiful, safe & natural lip colors in a stunning array of fabulous custom shades: Simply dip into

Everyday Warm Eyeshadow Tutorial (Video)

Join Keely and I as we show you an everyday warm eyeshadow tutorial using healthy and safe mineral makeup. Here I share tips and what eye shadow brushes to use, and how to create a super simple and natural g0-about-town-running-errands-while-looking-fab kinda look. Create The Look Enjoyed this bit of Simple