Mineral Makeup Education

You have so many questions when it comes to healthy beauty, it can feel overwhelming. I know. I get it.

I want to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for, so this resource page is for you.

If you don’t find what you are looking for here, I am only an email or contact page away.

Flawless Foundation Application Tips and Tutorials

The perfect application method for mature skin and or dry skin.

I recommend our Pure Primer to just about everyone, as it can solve so many challenges and gets you closer to your flawless face.

Finding the correct foundation shade can be a chore and feel overwhelming. Here are easy tips to help make it super easy.

Did you know your foundation shade and coverage will change as it ‘cooks’ on your skin?

Mineral Powder Foundations are so versatile!

Pure minerals are soothing and healing by nature.

Finish Powder can ‘finish’ off your look and help your makeup to last virtually all day.

A quick primer on how to apply your minerals.

Take care of your beautiful makeup brushes. Your flawless face is only as good as your tools.

 Back to basics. Keep your brushes clean.

 Other Facial Tutorials and Tips

Loose powder can be messy, so here are some easy tips to keep it clean.

Learn about powder mineral concealers and what makes them different.

We can help hide (and heal a bit) your facial redness.

This simple trick works wonders.

Learn your best practice for blush application.

Bronzer can give you a gorgeous glow, if you apply it correctly.

Mineral Makeup Beauty Tips for Eyes and Lips

You have mature skin and you were told ‘no more gloss’ right? Well, maybe not.

Choose healthy lipsticks.

Lip Liner comes in and out of vogue, but makeup artists never give it up. And neither should you.

This is fun! Learn all the fun tips one little pot of eye shadow can give you.

  • Choose Healthy Mascara

Your eyes are so sensitive. Be good to them.

  • The Best Brows Ever

Your eyebrows are a focal part of your features. Don’t forget about them.

What does ‘highlight’ mean and how do you do it showcase your best feature?

Tips to prevent creasing of your eyeshadows.

Of course she does! We have some pointers for you (and her).

General Beauty Tips

  • Stay Safe; Toss Your Vintage Makeup

Makeup (and Skin Care) has a shelf life and for your health, be sure you know when to toss.

  • Grow Up & Get Yourself a Good Makeup Brush Set

I know. That sounds sassy, doesn’t it. But really. Your face can only be as flawless as the tools you use to work your art.

  • Sweat if Off!

Go ahead. Wear your minerals to the gym. They won’t come off.

And finally, here is the best practice when it comes to removing your beloved minerals before bed. (Because of course you do this, right?)


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