Ingredient Spotlight : Benzophenone-3

  • Posted: August 1, 2012 
  • by Lisa DL   -  


To protect my skin, I wear sunscreen all year round, in addition to my protective mineral makeup. Being choosy with the ingredients and products we wear daily is important. Do you agree?

One of the ingredients that I hear tossed around of late when discussing sunscreen safety is benzophenone-3, otherwise known as oxybenzone.

Go check your sunscreen bottle. Is it on the ingredient listing? Now, let me tell you why I choose NOT to use a sunscreen that contains this ingredient.

  • It has been shown to penetrate the skin.
  • There is an increase in the production of harmful free radicals – a suspected factor in a rise in skin cancers from sunscreen users.
  • It has been linked to eczema and allergies.
  • It is considered unsuitable for children under the age of two.
  • Though the FDA has approved the use of this ingredient in sunscreens, Sweden has banned it. Hmmm.

Now you decide.

Do you feel comfortable using this ingredient daily on your skin? On your families skin? Did you check your sunscreens ingredient listing yet? No? Go ahead. Do it now. I will wait.

Well, does your sunscreen have benzophenone-3 or oxybenzone in it? Come on over to our Facebook page and tell us what you found, as well as your thoughts on the safety of this ingredient. Let’s figure out our best choices together.

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