Mica In Mineral Makeup – Is It Safe?

  • Posted: September 22, 2016 
  • by Lisa DL   -  

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Mica is a key ingredient in mineral makeup, giving us the natural, glowing look that we have come to love in mineral makeup. 

Every so often someone will ask me about the safety of the ingredient mica. Somewhere along the line, mica’s reputation has been damaged.

How do these rumors get started. This is crazy making stuff!

Mica is indeed safe. 

It has been used for decoration from the time we have lived in caves. In fact, mica is not only in mineral makeup, but in most makeup products on the market today. It is what gives us pure pigment color. You would be hard pressed to find a mineral makeup with out mica, nor a line of makeup that did not contain any mica at all.

With out mica, you need dyes and lakes to color your makeup products. Those are the ingredients to be wary of. Not natural mineral pigments.

I repeat…

Mica in mineral makeup is safe, it is dyes and lakes (cosmetic colorants) of which you need to be concerned.

What Is Mica?

Look here to see what mica is, but essentially it is a mineral mined from the earth.

A high quality mica will not be an irritant and is safe. It will also give you the beautiful complexion, along with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (other key mineral makeup ingredients) that you will fall in love with.

Now really, where does this end. Can I just wear my makeup and be in peace? Can I now?

I firmly believe mineral makeup to be the best, safest and most natural option for us that exists.  If I did not, I would bring something else in to the shop to replace it. No harm done.

Happy to have your questions and comments below!

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