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  • Posted: May 15, 2013 
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Something different this week for your viewing pleasure; big time beauty food! Thanks to Eva from DirtyRottenVegan.com for visiting us with a fun & fab recipe to give our skin a boost! ~ Lisa

A huge thanks to Lisa for asking me to write a guest post for her lovely blog. Totally honored! Clean eating and natural beauty are both huge passions of mine, and I’m excited to be able to share my recipe with you beautiful folk.

2012 was marked by three historic events: the London Olympics, the release of the iPad mini, and our evasion of the apocalypse. That’s right, we beat the Mayan curse, kids! Only catch is, with the earth’s destruction no longer looming, I’ve lost the reasoning behind my the-world-is-ending-so-these-calories-don’t-count mantra.

I set some pretty stringent clean-eating goals when we toppled into the 2013 New Year: it was to be a 365 day saga of green juices, raw veggies, gluten-free grains and definitely no processed sugar. So, here we are, a solid third of the way through my theoretical 12 month stint of regimented eating, and my resolutions have fallen by the wayside, in a heap of {vegan. duh.} breakfast burritos and chai lattes. Without the Mayan’s threatening calendar dictating my eating habits, the time to renew my vows is now.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into this dish that boasts the credentials of vegan, gluten-free, plant-based, mostly raw, and DELICIOUS. I am proud to present: The Quinoa & Walnut Shitake Mushroom Pate Rainbow Chard Wrap. Here it is, people:

-Pate Ingredients-
1 cup raw walnuts (be sure to soak them for a few hours)
1 cup chopped Shitake mushrooms
1 tbsp diced onion
1 clove garlic
1 tsp thyme (preferably fresh)
2 tsp {gluten-free} Tamari
salt & black pepper to taste

-Pate Directions-

•    Drain the walnuts that have been soaking
•    Place nuts, mushrooms, garlic, thyme, and Tamari in a food processor (a sturdy blender will do just fine) and pulse till smooth
•    If the mixture is too thick, throw in a splash of water
•    Add onion and blend for just a few seconds
•    Do a taste-test and add as much salt and pepper as you see fit…just don’t get too crazy :)

-Wrap Ingredients-

Rainbow Chard
Pomegranate Seeds
Salt and Pepper to taste
Walnut Pieces
Walnut and Mushroom Pate (see above for ingredients)

-Wrap Directions-
•    Cook the quinoa and drain
•    Squeeze some fresh lemon juice into the protein-packed grain and toss with a pinch of salt

(This is when it gets stupid easy)

•    Take a large chard leaf: cut off the stem and slice out the vein.
•    Divide the leaf in half; each “half-leaf” will serve as a wrap
•    Put a large tablespoon amount of pate endwise across the center of the leaf
•    Layer on an equal amount of quinoa
•    Top it off with slices of avocado
•    Sprinkle on pomegranate seeds and a few small walnut pieces for some added color and crunch
•    Wrap it all up, burrito style and cut that sucker in half

And there you have it: your protein, your fatty acids, your antioxidants, a whopping helping of vitamins, and daredevil flavors – all neatly packaged in a green leafy wrap. Here’s to making the jump to a scrumptious clean eating lifestyle. Your future glowing complexion thanks you.

Your Dirty Rotten Vegan,
xx Eva

P.S. For more recipes and vegan lifestyle antics, don’t forget to hit up my blog: DirtyRottenVegan.com

Eva BioEva is a vegan lifestyle blogger, digital media maven, and bonafide trouble-maker. Coming to Los Angeles by way of Chicago, she’s made it her personal mission to seek out and devour all the vegan eats that the golden state has to offer. A rebel with a blog, she spends her time loving, living and writing about all things eco-conscious and cruelty-free, namely food, fashion, beauty, and travel.

Thank you Eva! 

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