Meet Our Models – Eliana


You had me at ‘no photo editing’.

When I asked Eliana if she would like to model for our Simple Beauty Minerals no-photoediting-real-beauty photo shoot, and show the world that women are enough AS IS, she was all in!

Fairness and equality are important values to her.

Eliana gets her real beauty from her Peruvian and mixed Northern European heritage. 

I have known Eliana since she was 13. Eliana recently graduated from homeschool – high school and is now in a nursing program, as what moves Eliana forward is her love of helping other people. She is an avid soccer player, which is where you will find her on weekends – out there getting her game on.

An inspiration really.


Eliana’s favorite products are the Pink Mineral Cleansing BarClear Skin Serum and Champagne Mineral Eye Shadow.

In this photo she is wearing:

Bright Eyes Pink Color Corrector and Concealer, Ultra Light Medium Tan Foundation and Silk Finish

Champagne and Tangerine Eye Shadow on her lids, and Middle Earth Brow Powder

Timid Cheek Color for a soft blush and Strawberry Rose Lipstick with our handcrafted organic Lippie underneath.

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