Meet Our Models – Taru


No photo retouching. Not a drop. Nada. Just gorgeous Taru graced by Simple Beauty Minerals.

Taru and I met in our local downtown area. At the time, I was in the process of growing my silver hair and I so admired her gorgeous do. Us silver haired foxes stick together!

She gets her natural beauty from her Indian heritage.

She became a friend and a supportive customer – and it just made sense to have her beautiful face grace the pages of Simple Beauty Minerals.

And now she is part of the SBM team! When you get your order, think of Taru, as she very well may have lovingly packed it up for you.

When she isn’t working with us, she says she is a gym rat – ending up there doing classes up to 6 days a week.

I think her hard work is paying off, both in her fitness level and the health of her skin.

Taru continues…

“Working with Lisa allows me some girl time (all boys in my house – even the dog). I was thrilled Lisa asked me to model – what girl DIDN’T dream about modeling at some point in there life? I loved having my makeup applied and chatting with the makeup artist to get tips etc. The products felt fairly light on my skin – I expected to feel like I had makeup troweled on, it wasn’t like that at all. My husband went WOW when he saw me in real life and the pictures.
I have been using Simple Beauty skin products for almost 5 years. I started with skincare then expanded to makeup. I love the Vitamin C serum and Olive Oil lotion and use both religiously. Lisa came up with a mineral foundation for my skin tone which I LOVE! I feel very special the she created it just for me and it is now available for everyone. Warm 4.5 is me! I have found new eye shadows colors I am loving. I’ve found the best blush here as well (Cocoa Rose), a color I would have never tried without Lisa’s encouragement.
Lisa, thanks for your great products!”


Taru’s favorite products are: Essential Mineral Gel Cleanser, Olive Oil Lotion, Vitamin C Serum, Fawn Mineral Eye Shadow, Warm 4.5 Perfect Cover Foundation.

Get the Look

Foundational Products

Pure Primer

Bright Eyes Pink and Catnap Color Correctors and Concealers

Warm 4.5 Perfect Cover Foundation


Highlight Under Brows – Peach

Lid – Eggplant

Crease – Mystery

Liner – Purple Black




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