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Simple Beauty Minerals - Princess Mineral Eyeshadow 1
Simple Beauty Minerals - Princess Mineral Eyeshadow 2
Simple Beauty Minerals - Princess Mineral Eyeshadow 3
Simple Beauty Minerals - Princess Mineral Eyeshadow 1
Simple Beauty Minerals - Princess Mineral Eyeshadow 2
Simple Beauty Minerals - Princess Mineral Eyeshadow 3

Princess Mineral Eyeshadow


Soft and subtle mineral eyeshadow. A shimmery pinky rose, almost coppery. Very feminine. Try it for lips too. 

Adds stunning depth for darker complexions.

Princess can be the perfect rosy-neutral for cool skin tones, as well as soft-muted complexions. 

Long lasting mineral eyeshadows, in an array of colors and effects; shimmers, glitters, mattes.

Our clean and natural eyeshadow, like all of our Simple Beauty Minerals Cosmetics, is designed for sensitive skin and eyes. Feel secure that we have left out all known irritants so you can relax into your gorgeous self.

"I am really happy with the products I ordered. ᅠIn fact, I even told my local natural beauty store about your products. ᅠI've found it is hard to find natural cosmetics?particularly eye shadows-- in pretty colors ᅠand you have really nice ones. Plus great service!" Lisey G.

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"I'm not beautiful like you. I'm beautiful like me."ᅠUnknown


Select 2, 3 or 4 colors that work well together. May we suggest Bliss, Soft Touch, Port or Simple Basics

You may also opt to use Matte, Sheen and Glimmers together or work with shades from only one category.

The effects will depend on the depth of layering you prefer and the types of shadows you combine.

Lid-Primary Color-This shade could compliment your clothing or your iris. It could be in the same color family as your chosen Crease and Under Brow eyeshadow shades.

Crease-Can be a brown or darker shade of your primary color. Properly applied, the crease shade can define the total shape and give the appearance of opening the eye widely. The crease shade should be widest at the outer edge of the eye.

Under Brow-Highlight Shade-Any pale shade will work, even white. This shade will make the brow appear lifted and your eye wide open.

Almond Shaped Eyes Apply highlighter before shaping your brows. Cover all areas under your brow, down to the crease line. Layer the Primary Lid Shade till you have your desired color. Accent and uplift the corners of your eye, in a sideways 'V' shape, pointing slightly upwards and outward. This gives the appearance of Almond shaped eyes and makes the eye appear larger. A dark shade could follow the crease line precisely. Then blend outward, upward overlapping the primary shade.

Round Shaped Eyes Apply under brow highlighterᅠbut,ᅠjust under the arch of your brow. When you apply the primary lid color, make the center portion of the lid darker. Blend the lid shade as above but very lightly, so the focus is drawn to the darker shade in the center of your eye. The crease shade could be higher/thicker (more visible) at the center of your eye but still pull the crease shade lightly, outward and upward.

Enjoy a look with Princess Here. And Here.ᅠᅠOh, and Here.ᅠ

Mica, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide

-1 gram
-Soft Shimmer
-Vegan & Cruelty Free
-Gluten Conscious
-Phthalate & Fragrance Free
-Ethically sourced

I personally guarantee you will love your new and improved skin with and without makeup after using Simple Beauty Minerals and Simple Beauty Skin.

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