About Our No-Photo-Editing Philosophy

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Be proud of your imperfections; Because you are a real beauty.

No-photoshop-real model-photo-shoot? All In!

Are you tired of unachievable beauty models that are so ideal, it is unattainable to reach?

By not photo-editing our models, and rejecting overly re-touched images, we strive to show how beautiful women truly are. We believe photo-editing has it’s place, (but a cosmetic company is not one of them) and that by doing so women everywhere are denigrated, setting up unreachable standards.

When I asked one of our first models, Eliana, if she would like to model for our Simple Beauty Minerals no-photoshop-real-beauty photo shoot, and show the world that women are enough AS IS, she was all in!

Fairness and equality are important values to her.


Designer Speak – A story

(Yes, another one. Read the first one here.)

After our photo shoot, I sent my new graphic designer Eliana’s photo along with the skin care product photo. The goal was to put together an image for our home page, combining the two photos, along with some text. Something pretty, you know.

I love my designer, by the way. She does a great job and is a doll to work with. But…this was our first project together so we had a bit of a learning curve to go through with each other.

I neglected to say, “Don’t touch up the models photo”. It never occurred to me. I figured the photo, was the photo. Done.

My bad.

She spent 90 minutes touching it up. 90 minutes! 

Can you say ‘photoshop’?

I asked her to go back to our original photo, and to please use that. No photo editing the model.

We are getting real here.

Turns out our defintion of no touch-up on the model were very different.

Did you know that graphic designers don’t consider the photo touched up, even if they add lip color, change the skin tone, cover blemishes and birth marks and smooth skin texture?

It is, apparently, only photo editing if they elongate the neck. Save off some thigh. Smallerise the waist. (Yup. I made that word up).

If Eliana is not beautiful enough, how do you define beauty?

Designer: “I know where you are coming from. I don’t believe in editing anyone. It is very unethical and being a woman, it is a bit insulting. Models are implied as ‘imperfect’ when we alter their cheek, nose, teeth and body parts. I guess this is how we draw the fine line in our field. What I did was 90% colour adjustment.  I guess I am saying this because it will be very hard for you to compete with the other websites you showed me because yours will look every different. As consumers we always tend to go toward what looks pleasing to the eyes.”

I don’t buy it.

I think you, my lovely are very smart and savvy. And that you care about being real. 

I very respectfully asked for Eliana’s blemish, birthmark, skin texture and olive skin tone be returned. Bring the lip color back to the shade originally in the photo.

We are beautiful in our imperfections.

Want to see the two images in contrast?

Eliana Touched Up Slider

 Eliana touched up via photoshop. Beautiful. But necessary?

Eliana Skin Care_Slider_FINAL

 Remember, you are perfect AS IS.

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Photography by Dominic Bolton Photography and Abby Roe Photo

Makeup Artistry by Emiliana Baker and Victoria Starr

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