Meet Laini

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“Using a line of beauty products that is healthy and safe is of extreme importance to me.”

When I asked Laini to tell us a bit about herself and how she came to be a Simple Beauty Minerals model, she had this to say: 

“Lisa and I met as dance students while I was going to a local Community College to get my Certificate in Theater Costuming. Dance and costumes are two passions that I have cultivated since childhood. I keep a photo catalogue of all my creations and have modeled all my own personal costumes so I was comfortable modeling for Lisa and delighted to help.

Using a line of beauty products that is healthy and safe is of extreme importance to me. I knew I could trust Lisa because she feels the same way and really does her homework when it comes to quality ingredients, what their effects are and keeping her clients informed.

Normally, I don’t wear much make-up but I religiously use the mineral foundation because it minimizes any shine, evens out my skin tone and even has natural sun protection, about an SPF 15, which I love. Another basic that I always keep on hand: either the Ultimate Healthy Mascara or the Natural Mascara – both are great! Lisa always sends a sample with my order too, which is how I got hooked on the Perfection Mineral Organic Lip Gloss. She has such a wonderful selection I don’t even bother shopping anywhere else.”

Laini gets her natural beauty from her mostly Scandinavian (50%) + some Irish, German, Scotch, Welch and Cherokee heritage.

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Foundational Products

Pure Primer

Cool 2 Perfect Cover Foundation

Bright Eyes Pink Color Corrector

Matte Finish Powder


Crease: Transitional Color – Sandstone Mineral Eye Shadow

Crease – Hot Cocoa Mineral Eye Shadow

Lid – Burgundy Wine Mineral Eye Shadow

Under Brow Highlight – Simple Basics Mineral Eye Shadow

Under Eye Line – Brown Mineral Powder Liner

Upper Eye Line –Black Coffee Mineral Eye Pencil


Sunset Shimmer Cheek Color


Moon Dance Lip Shimmer


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