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Permission To Step Up And Stand Out - S2 E6

living visibly over 50 podcast - lisa and linda

Step up and stand out by expressing your authentic self!

In most societies, physical beauty is defined in a very specific way. And let's face it, most of us don't live up to that ideal. So what do you do? Crawl into a hole and hide your entire life? Heck no! You build your self-esteem by expressing your authentic self. Find out what makes you look and feel good and flaunt it!

In this episode, you'll hear what our guest, Charese Jordan Moore, a larger than life, gorgeous, plus size woman of color told us about how she lives in a world surrounded by a beauty ideal that is petite and blonde. She says, "I just decided to be beautiful."

Enjoy! It gets deep. 

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"I am not even considering grey hair and the discussion was mesmerizing and informative. 5 stars!!" Shelley

"So glad I found your podcast on Spotify. I was able to download the episodes so far and listen to them on my iPad through my car speakers. Thanks Linda and Lisa for the fun ride in. Anna K.

"Linda and Lisa, I binged on your podcasts at the gym today. You two have way to much fun together and help my gym time go faster. Keep on going on." ❣❣ Barbara 

"I’m listening to them now Absolutely love it drinking my Coffee and getting great tips" Cheryl R.B.

Tips from a beauty expert and stylist to be beautifully visible. Lisa and Linda talk about style, beauty, and your good health. Hosted by Lisa D Liguori and Linda Waldon. 

Lisa D Liguori is owner and founder of Simple Beauty Minerals - clean, effective, natural beauty. A smaller, more personal, clean beauty brand. 

Linda Waldon, personal stylist and confidence coach helping women learn the art being their most confident, attractive and interesting selves.


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