Private In Person Color Analysis Session

*In-person only - available for the San Francisco Bay Area, California.*  In Person Color Analysis Session Stop guessing and wasting money on clothes and makeupthat just don'...

*In-person only - available for the San Francisco Bay Area, California.* 

In Person Color Analysis Session

Stop guessing and wasting money on clothes and makeup
that just don't look right on you.

Is it finally time to do something for yourself?

Are you ready to level up and invest in yourself?

Is it time to look and feel better?

Our goal is to truly see which colors enhance your skin by smoothing and evening your complexion while conversely identifying colors that do just the opposite.

Allowing you to show up with confidence, and be seen. 

After many years of studying color analysis, I know that the right colors can make or break a your looks.  

But wearing the wrong colors can make one look clueless, in addition to looking unprofessional.    

It can age you unnecessarily and create the look of incompetence.  But once you know your best colors, you will always know what colors make you shine.

This unique color experience is a combination of color personality and physical coloring designed to help you express how you want to be perceived. 

  • You will grow in confidence because you'll know how to choose and apply your makeup to express who you really are, or how you would prefer to be perceived, perhaps in different situations
  • This new-found confidence will change how other people treat you
  • No longer will you be ignored or passed over at work.

  • You will be noticed for all the right reasons.


    Many women are dumbfounded in learning which colors look best on them.

    You are not alone!

    You may recall being complimented in the past when you wore a certain color and now, finally, understand why certain colors made you feel tired or unattractive.

    Have you had your 'colors done' in the past? 

    In addition you may not realize that your palette may have changed from the original analysis you had done years and years ago. 

    This is partly due to skin color changing through the aging process.

    We tend to lose melanin and the capillaries in our face becomes more dilated, which adds additional redness to the skin.

    It is best to get a color analysis update every 10 years, so you can continually keep your look fresh.

    When wearing the right colors, anyone can look up to 10 years younger, so this investment is well worth it.

    Choosing the right clothing and makeup colors involves finding colors that match your value (how light or dark you are), your chroma (how clear or muted you are) and temperature (how warm or cool you are).  Know your 3 characteristics and you are set.

    What to Expect

    • The session will take up to two hours to fully find your best personal color palette. 
    • Studio located in San Mateo County.

    Session Includes:

    • You'll go home with your personal palette shopping wallet
    • You'll go home with your Two in One Cream Crayon of choice, in your palette
    • Includes a quick 20 minute virtual or in-person follow up
    • Includes 20% off SBM products on day of consultation 

    Together, we will determine if you are a:

    • Warm Bright
    • Warm Deep-Muted
    • Cool Bright
    • Cool Soft-Muted
    • Cool Deep
    • Soft-Muted
    • Light
    • Deep
    • Bright

    In Person Only

    Afternoons, Monday - Saturday available.

    I will contact for scheduling upon payment. 





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