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Layer Your Skincare In The Correct Order

Layer Your Skincare In The Correct Order

Are you layering your skincare products with confidence? Does it really matter what serum goes on when?

Actually, yes. And here are simple guidelines to help you apply your skincare products in their best order so your skin can receive the full benefit of the formulas.

General Rule

Always cleanse, tone and exfoliate first.

Now it's time to apply your active treatment products and moisture.

Choose your application based on the viscosity of your product.

Basically, the lightest product goes on first, and your richest product goes on last. Unless it's daytime, then no matter, your sunscreen goes on as your last step before your makeup. Caveat - there are a few ingredients that are best used in the evening. See below.

Your Morning

  1. Cleanse - Choose your cleanser; You have options: Green Tea Lotion Cleanser or Essential Mineral Foaming Cleanser, Pink Mineral Cleansing Bar or 3 in One Wash Away, sometimes mix it up with Jojoba Creme Scrub as one of your options. We don’t want boredom setting in ;-
  2. Tone - Crisp Cucumber Toner spritz or Revive. Both will re-balance your skin's pH which is especially important in the morning. Use it as a refreshing cleanser or right after you chosen cleanser. Revive is more than a toner, it's abundant in skin supporting antioxidants and a spritz prior to your serums is beneficial.
  3. Active Serums and Treatments - Time for your actives. You want them on clean, bare skin without a lot of dead cell build-up - thanks to Radiance Reveal Exfoliant & Clear Skin Serum, so they can have the best chance of penetrating deeply. Here is your Vitamin C Serum, and / or Resveratrol Peptide Complex Serum to brighten, support, hydrate and build more collagen and protect from pollutants. Plus, antioxidants are crucial in the A.M. (see Revive above) as they boost your sunscreen protection.
  4. Moisturize - if you need it. Serums and sunscreen may be enough. Try one of these based on your skins needs and your concerns: Pomegranate Balancing Lotion, Olive Oil Lotion, Olive & Green Cream, Smooth & Plump Cream or Soothing Ceramide Cream under your sunscreen.
  5. Sunscreen - Goes without saying, right? Daily. 
  6. Eye Cream
  7. Embellish as Primer or Finish Powder. Talk about beauty with benefits.

order to apply skincare

BONUS: Also, every SBM layer of mineral makeup that you wear, including concealer, blush, and primer, are additional sun protection layers.

Your Evening

  1. Makeup Remover - This is where the Double Cleanse plays an important part. Use your Perfect Balance Cleansing Oil, Green Tea Lotion Cleanser or 3 in One Wash Away to remove makeup.  Once your face is free of makeup, you can actually cleanse your skin.
  2. Cleanse - A second cleanse with either one of the same, or one of your favorites from the list above (AM) to cleanse your skin and be sure it is clean, but not squeaky ;-).
  3. Tone - I love using the Crisp Cucumber Toner squirted onto a cotton pad and swiped across my face, neck and chest to remove any last traces of dirt and makeup from the day. 
  4. Exfoliate - Radiance Reveal Exfoliant or Clear Skin Serum. You many choose to exfoliate once a day or twice. Or possibly every other day, even once a week, based on your skins comfort level. As long as you are doing so on a regular weekly basis.
  5. Active Serums and Treatments  - Time for your actives again. Use any acne spot treatments such as Clear Skin Serum, as well as your antioxidant serums. This is where you apply Bright On Brightening Serum to brighten, support, hydrate and build more collagen. Actives are also crucial at night while you sleep as they are uninterrupted from the sun (which can break down some active ingredients) thus giving you the full range of benefits they offer.  Antioxidants can be applied morning and night, but because retinoids, for example, break down in sunlight, they should only be worn in the evening (see below).  Do you use more than one active? You can—try this; Apply one in the morning and one in the evening, or alternating them on different nights. Personally, I wear multiple layers of actives!
  6. Brightening - Bright On Brightening Serum. Best to use brighteners in the evening as well, as they can break down during the day due to sunlight. This does not cause you any harm, just renders them less effective.
  7. Moisturize - Again, use your retinoids such as Behave, in the evening, along with your moisturizers. We have so many skin loving options for you. Olive Oil Lotion, Pomegranate Balancing Lotion, Olive & Green Cream, Soothing Ceramide Cream, or Smooth & Plump Cream. It all depends on what your skin likes in the way or moisture levels + your main skin concerns.
  8. Facial Oil - Not everyone has to use a face oil, but if you do, it should always be your last moisturization step. This is because it acts like a barrier, locking in the hydrating benefits of your other products. (So, anything you put on top of it won't absorb as effectively.)  I keep a bottle of Calm Down Facial Oil on my bathroom counter. I don’t use it every night, but I think everyone needs to have one on hand for those occasions when our skin needs a bit of calming. It is so full of antioxidants and OMG smells delish. Or, keep it on your bedside and press it in last thing before you turn out the lights. It also works really well under your Antioxidant Liquid Foundation as a prep. 
  9. Eye and Upper Lip Protection - Pure Bliss Eye Creme in both these sensitive spots.
  10. Lips - don’t forget your lips; such sensitive skin on our lips. Apply Olive Oil Creme or our Organic Lip Balm before bed. It is one of my never-go-to-bed without tricks.
  11. Let this all soak in for a few minutes (turn down your bed, make a nice hot cup of chamomile tea) and then apply Embellish as a last step and final boost for your skin.

So, there you go.

Cleanse. Tone. Exfoliate.
Add your treatment products from highest weight to richest.
In a nutshell.

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layer your skincare in the correct order
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