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Science Proves It; It's a Thing - S1 EP3; Living Visibly After 50 Podcast

living visibly over 50 with lisa and linda podcast

Science proves it.

How we dress and what we wear, impacts our behavior. So put on your power (get out of those sweats and add a red lip, love) and dig into Enclothed Cognition with us. 

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What Listeners Are Saying

"You two have really helped me get dressed and feeling good every day."  Maria M. 

"I've enjoyed the first episode so far and looking forward to this one. You ladies are so fun."  Barbara B.

"These are so good!" Ellen C.

"Just listened to both (first two episodes). They are very good. Looking forward to more!!" Paula G.


Tips from a beauty expert and stylist to be beautifully visible. Lisa and Linda talk about style, beauty, and your good health. Hosted by Lisa D Liguori and Linda Waldon. 

Lisa D Liguori is owner and founder of Simple Beauty Minerals - clean, effective, natural beauty. A smaller, more personal, clean beauty brand. 

Linda Waldon, personal stylist and confidence coach helping women learn the art being their most confident, attractive and interesting selves.
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