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Easy Tips for Gorgeous Eyebrows

brow tutorial basics - simple beauty minerals

It's time for a basic brow tutorial. 


Let’s do our brows together!

Brows frame your face and help you create a polished, confident look.

I'm going to share the tools and products that I use to shape and define my brows, and I show you how to easily and beautifully shape your own brows.
For starters, make sure you have spacing between your brows that look balanced.
Your goal is to have one eye-length and basically imagine it between your eyebrows. 
Before continuing, let's be clear that everybody's eyebrows and eye shape are different. You need to go with what you naturally have and make the most out of that. 

Eyebrow Shaping; The Pencil Method

To find the highest mid-point, or arch, of your brows, take a pencil or any eye makeup brush that's thin.

Find the center of your eye and place the pencil at the edge of the nose, having the pencil go over the center of your eye.

brow shaping method

The point where your brows and pencil intersects is where your natural arch would be.

Using the same brush or pencil, follow the nose to the edge of the eye. That's where the natural edge of the brow would be. 

brow shaping method

Applying the Eyebrow Makeup

First thing to do is to take a spoolie and brush up your brows.

Trim off any hairs that are too long using small scissors.

I use a mini razor to keep my brows fresh and clear. I typically will not take any of the hairs off the top. I let them grow, but I will clear underneath.

brow razor to manage stray hairs

I will very gently look very close in my 10x mirror, and I will shave off any of the little hairs just to keep the brows really nicely shaped and clean.

Let's put our brows on.

Using the brush, apply your eyebrow makeup in hair-like motions. If you want to, you can add with an eyebrow pencil. You can either do pencil first or pencil last. It really is up to you, but using a pencil crayon and the powder really helps the brow to stay attached to each other and you'll have longer-lasting brow.

brow application with slanted brow brush

Then brush some brow gel on for more definition. The gel I'm using also has some brow growth enhancers in it. 

brow gel application

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