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Four Plus One Eyeshadow Palette Strategy

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Among the diverse array of makeup products, eyeshadows have the unique power to transform your look from subtle to bold, from ethereal to striking.

Eye makeup can also be the most intimidating.

In our Mix and Match Like a Pro podcast episode of Living Visibly Over 50, my co-host Linda and I gave some great tips on how to combine colors more stylishly in both your makeup and your clothing.

And you'll love this; The Four-Plus-One eyeshadow palette strategy!

Here is a breakdown of the Four-Plus-One eyeshadow palette strategy, along with some examples of different colors that you can use.

eyeshadow palette


What's the Four-Plus-One Palette Strategy?

The Four-Plus-One eyeshadow palette strategy is a simple way to build a versatile eyeshadow collection.

Simple being the key word!

You'll choose four main eyeshadow colors, plus one under brow highlighter.

The highlighter is an essential part of the look, as it brightens the eyes and creates a wide-awake look. Consider choosing one that is light and shimmery for a bright, youthful look.

Here are the steps on how to choose eyeshadow colors using the "Four-Plus-One" eyeshadow palette strategy:

  1. Choose a light shadow that can be used as a transition shade or to highlight the brow bone. Some good options include Flesh, Almond, or Whisper.
  2. Choose a medium shadow that can be used to add depth and dimension to the eye. Some good options include Cobblestone and Soft Touch for cool skin tones and Velvet or Sandstone for warm skin tones.
  3. Choose a shimmer shadow that can be used to add brightness and glamour to the eye. Some good options include Lavender Silver or Bliss for cooler skin tones.  Pashmina, Champagne Ice, or Celestial are gorgeous for warmer skin tones. 
  4. Choose a dark shadow that can be used to add definition and create a smoky eye. Some good options include Sable or Port for cool; or Hot Cocoa or Mystery for warm.
    dark mineral eyeshadows
  5. Choose an under brow highlighter to brighten the eyes and create a wide-awake look. Some good options include Simple Basics or Whisper.
highlight mineral eyeshadows


Once you've chosen your four main eyeshadow colors, you can experiment with different ways to apply them to create different looks.

For example, you could use the light shadow to create a wash of color across the entire lid, the medium shadow to deepen the crease, the shimmer shadow to highlight the center of the lid, and the dark shadow to create a smokey eye.

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Flesh Cobblestone Lavender Silver Sable Simple Basics


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