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Gentle Toner Spotlight

Gentle Toner Spotlight

When a gentle toner is well designed and formulated full of beneficial ingredients such as antioxidants and healing botanicals, it is one of the key steps you can take in your quest for better skin.

Crisp Cucumber Toner | Simple Beauty Minerals

January is skincare month here at Simple Beauty Minerals, so in that spirit we have designed a series of quick, informative spotlights on several of our most beloved skincare products in the cleansing category, to premier over the next few weeks to help you discover and learn about which Simple Beauty Skin products are the perfect fit for you! We get it. Perhaps there have been a few late nights of falling asleep in your makeup (oops!), or falling out of your daily skincare regimens while visiting out-of-town family or vacationing. Course Correction!


Crisp Cucumber Toner

Crisp Cucumber Toner | Simple Beauty Minerals

Enter Facial Toner

This wondrous skincare product is a total life-saver (and time saver!), allowing you to essentially “wash” your face a second time in a matter of seconds by simply applying some to a cotton pad and then swiping away the remaining dirt and grime from your face easy as pie!


Who Can Use It?

It is extremely gentle, and a wonderful option for both normal, dry and sensitive skin– yet wonderfully effective as well.



By the way, sure it’s effective– but effective at what exactly? I mean, what does a toner actually do? 


A Multitude of Blessings

Well, as it turns out a facial toner actually does a whole heck of a lot! Really. When you wash your face, if you are anything like me you only wash it once. The thing is, it would really be best to wash your face not just once, but twice…! Think about the amount of time you actually spend making sure your face is thoroughly (gently) cleansed each time you wash it– for most of us it can’t be more than a few seconds or maybe a minute tops on a good day. When you add up all the dirt, oil, grime, cell phones pressed against your cheeks, absent minded times your hands have touched your face (unwashed hands, *ahem*), and on and on… your face most definitely deserves a little more time and loving care to clean it than it probably gets day to day. This is quite literally the most refreshing and soothing toner you will ever have the joy of knowing. The infusion of fabulously fresh cucumber scent that greets you upon opening the bottle is truly divine. And it’s not that overpoweringly artificial type of scent that just feels like “too much”– it’s light and crisp and subtle– and amazingly yummy.  

Simple Beauty Minerals - Crisp Cucumber Toner

Because it is naturally fragrant due to its soothing cucumber essence. You will love it. The gentle cooling effect of this toner on your skin is also… well, heavenly!

Good Morning

This is an incredible toner to use in the mornings to help wake you up and feel refreshed. Your body produces waste while you sleep, so toner is one more important cleansing step in keeping your skin clear and clean of the with a clean slate for the day.


Sleep Tight

As well as at night after a long day to soothe and calm you and your skin. Swipe on and off with a cotton pad for a cleaner feeling. Spray on for a refreshing feeling. Your choice.  Perhaps clean at night with cotton pad, and spray in the morning for a refresh?

Toner Tip: I recommend squirting your Crisp Cucumber Toner onto 100% cotton pads when swiping it across your face, neck and chest.

Simple Beauty Minerals - Crisp Cucumber Toner

Travel Tip: Try it as a makeup remover as well. This simple act of adding toner to your skincare regime removes any residual cleanser from your face as well as dead skin cells, left over dirt, and oil that wasn’t removed from washing PLUS it leaves behind benefits like helping to balance out your skin’s pH for clearer, brighter skin!

Simple Beauty Minerals - Crisp Cucumber Toner

 It also leaves behind beneficial ingredients and extra hydration that you in turn seal in with your serum and moisturizer.

Makeup Tip: Try it as a setting spray. With so many incredible benefits and being so easy and simple to use (and smelling absolutely fabulous!) the Crisp Cucumber Toner is a total no-brainer for adding in to your skin care regimen if you don’t use it (and adore it!) already.


Simple Beauty Minerals - Crisp Cucumber Toner


Abby is a photographer and blogger who never says no to a hot cup of tea or a new shade of lipstick. She lives in Monterey, CA with her husband where they enjoy hiking, cooking/eating everything vegan, and basically living the (neat and tidy) hippie dream. You can follow her @galaxyandglowworm and @abbyroephoto on instagram, or find her + her organic handmade mineral lipsticks HERE.    

Lisa's Notes: Toners have come along way since the years of harsh alcohol based formulas and 'cleanse/tone/moisturize' philosophy. There is so much more we can do for our skin now! Choose a clean, natural botanical based soothing toner with calming, beneficial ingredients.  

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